Cookie and Candy Gadgets

by0| PUBLISHED Nov 24, 2009 10:00 AM
Cookie and Candy Gadgets
It's easy to burn or ruin chocolate when melting it to make candies. This electric warmer helps to avoid that problem. See this Item
To make spritz cookies, a cookie press is a must. This version is easy to squeeze and comes with sixteen different designs. See this Item
This non-stick pan has twelve different holiday inspired designs, making it excellent for Christmas cookies or treats. See this Item
Make Christmas-shaped chocolates with this silicone mold. See this Item
Celebrate the season with these Hanukkah-inspired cookie cutters. See this Item
Don't waste your time scraping stuck cookies from baking sheets. Remedy this by using this reusable liner. See this Item
Use a cookie scoop to easily portion cookie dough for baking. See this Item
Use these gingerbread house molds to make a beautiful creation without all the hassle of measuring and cutting. See this Item
Make a beautiful and edible cookie wreath with this Christmas-inspired mold. See this Item
When making many holiday cookies and candies, you can quickly run out of counter space to cool your treats on. This stackable cooling rack will help keep your counters clear. See this Item
Dipping truffles or candies is made easier with the use of these long-handled tools. See this Item