Christopher Baker

Fragrant black truffles can turn even scrambled eggs from the ordinary to the extraordinary. SAVEUR magazine shows you how and gives you 10 more truffle recipes.


Black Truffle Sabayon

This warm, frothy custard is a great way to extend your truffle experience to the very end of the meal. See the recipe for Black Truffle Sabayon »

Duck Breast in Brandy Sauce with Truffles and Mushrooms

From 1960s Spain comes a lovely recipe melding three luxurious ingredients: duck, brandy, and black truffles. See this Recipe

Pommes Boulangeres

This recipe takes a wonderful French classic to the next level by adding the highly prized truffle. See this Recipe

Trifulau’s Oil

Here is a way to preserve the wonderful taste of truffles even after they have all been eaten. See this Technique

Truffled Chicken

This dish is pure decadence: truffles are gently tucked under the skin of a chicken, then roasted to release their intense flavor. See this Recipe

Scrambled Eggs with Truffles

An easy way to perfume your eggs with the earthy and decadent scent of black truffles. See this Recipe

Chicken in Truffle Cream Sauce

Rich and flavorful cream sauce, pungent and earthy black truffles-need we say more?! See this Recipe

Madeira-Truffle Butter

This is a luxurious butter to smear on everything from your holiday turkey to a warm baguette to steamed vegetables. See this Recipe

Burnt Cream with Black Truffles

Although frozen truffles may be used for this unusual dessert, chef Michel Bourdin highly recommended fresh ones in this case, for their intense flavor. See this Recipe

Cepe Fricassee with Truffles

This recipe combines two delicious specialties found in cahors-cepes and black truffles. See this Recipe

Cannelloni with Truffle Cream

This recipe is based on the typical food of the Catalan inns. See this Recipe