Whipped anchovy-parsley-chive herb butter tops toasted bread before completed with thin-sliced salami, chopped egg, and pimiento. See the recipe for Salami and Chopped Egg Canapés with Fines Herbes Butter ». James Oseland
Ti’ punch (pronounced as “tea paunch”) is typically served as an aperitif and is often constructed tableside by each drinker, who knows the proportions he or she prefers. See the recipe for Ti’ Punch »
The alcoholic fruit drink we know as punch is an Indian invention that was adopted in the 1600s by British sailors, who later introduced it to the Caribbean islands, where it flourished.

Captain Radcliffe’s Punch

This smooth-drinking white wine- and cognac-based punch is inspired by one described in a poem by the 17th-century English army captain and courtier Alexander Radcliffe. As with many punches, this one tastes the best when chilled by a single large block of ice instead of fast-melting cubes, which water down the punch too quickly.

Regent’s Punch

This tea-infused champagne punch makes an elegant centerpiece for any festive occasion. Get the recipe for Regent’s Punch »

Martinique Milk Punch

This tasty punch is a great way to drink your milk and have your rum, too. See this Recipe

Holidays On Ice

Add some pizzazz to your holiday punch. See this Technique

Flaming Punch

The name of this flaming red wine punch translates from the German as punch glow bowl. See this Recipe

Ham Spread and Olive Canapes

This kitschy cocktail food of the 30′ is back for the holidays.

Canapes with Chutney Butter

Sweet mango chutney with a hint of curry adds an ethnic flavor to these dainty toasts. See this Recipe

Roquefort and Walnut Canapes

This creamy blue cheese spread makes the perfect counterpoint to crisp toast. See this Recipe

Salami and Chopped Egg Canapes with Fines Herbes Butter

Topped with savory ingredients, these tiny bites are not only appeasing to the eye but delicious as well.