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Our Favorite Sugars

A great choice for sprinkling atop baked goods, INDIA TREE SPARKLING SUGAR comes in a variety of colors and adds a crackly texture to cookies, cupcakes, and dipped candies.
BILLINGTON'S DARK BROWN MOLASSES SUGAR is, hands down, our favorite brown sugar. This unrefined muscovado sugar (sugar from which molasses is not removed) adds an intense, earthy flavor to gingerbread, chocolate brownies, and even barbecue sauces.
A mainstay in the arsenal of professional bakers and experienced home cooks alike, finely ground C&H; BAKER'S SUGAR has a clean cane flavor; its powdery grains dissolve easily in custards and meringues and help give a delicate texture to cookies and cakes.
Unlike refined white sugars, which are stripped of all molasses, FLORIDA CRYSTALS NATURAL CANE SUGAR is made directly from filtered cane syrup-a process that leaves a touch of color and molasses flavor on the crystal. This is our everyday sugar; we add it to everything from coffee to corn flakes.
The Mexican cousin of Indian jaggery, GOYA PILONCILLO comes in caramel-colored cones, made from boiled-down cane juice. The sugar has a maple sugar taste that lends complex sweetness to dessert sauces and unifies the flavors in smoky sauces like mole negro.

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