Preserves in Cocktails

Summer-sweet fruit preserves mixed into cocktails—whether orange marmalade in a classic whiskey sour or whole cranberries garnishing a bourbon-filled Kentucky Christmas—transports us to warmer days even in the depths of winter.

Whiskey Sour with Marmalade

Whiskey Sour with Marmalade

This twist on a whiskey sour made with orange preserves is decadently frothy.Todd Coleman

Border Agitation

Boca Loca cachaça and hot pepper jelly heat things up in this sour drink.Todd Coleman

Diablo Blanco

Black current jam and a touch of honey gives stronger, fruitier notes of cassis to this tequila and ginger ale cocktail.Todd Coleman

Copper Penny

This newly-minted version of an original New Orleans drink creates a luminous copper color with a mixture of whiskey, brandy, and apricot preserves.Todd Coleman

Kentucky Christmas

The beautiful color and sweet-tart flavor of cranberries lend a feeling of festivity that lasts well beyond the holidays in this bourbon cocktail.Todd Coleman

Thatched Roof

An original combination of fig jam, bittersweet amaro, apple cider, and aged rum, this cold-weather drink will envelop you in the warming flavors of winter spices.Todd Coleman