South American Soups and Stews

From Locro, an Argentine hominy soup that has many variations in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia, to Puchero, a pork, beef, and chicken soup that originally hails from Spain, these 8 vibrantly spiced and colored South American soups and stews are sure to keep you warm through winter's chill.

Brazilian Salt Cod Stew

Salt cod is a staple in South America, the Caribbean, and Europe.

Moqueca (Brazilian Fish Stew)

This hearty Brazilian stew of fish, shrimp, tomato, and coconut milk can be made with any firm-fleshed white fish, such as catfish or halibut.

Sopa de Fuba (Collard Greens, Cornmeal, and Sausage Soup)

This hearty soup comes from the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil.

Puchero (Pork, Beef, and Chicken Soup)

Originally from Spain, this satisfying soup is popular throughout Andalusian-influenced South America and the Phillipines. The Colombian version is made with cassava, beef, chicken, and pork, and often served with avocado and rice on the side.

Locro (Argentine Hominy Stew)

A creamy and slightly sweet stew of squash, meat, and hominy gets a festive burst of spice and color from the garnishing sauce, made with paprika. Variations of the dish abound throughout Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia.

Vatapa (Brazilian Shrimp Stew)

While many of the other ingredients are subject to interpretation, this adaptable stew from the Brazilian state of Bahia always features coconut milk and palm oil, which provide a luxurious texture and signature floral flavor.

Peruvian Chicken Stew

The brightly colored and intensely fruity Andean pepper known as aji amarillo gives this traditional stew a bold but nuanced character, enhanced by the addition of pisco, a Peruvian grape brandy similar to white rum.

Peruvian Chicken Soup

There are all sorts of ways to garnish this popular Peruvian morning dish. Residents of Lima, Peru’s capital, often choose halved hard-boiled eggs.

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