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2012 Gift Guide: Stocking Stuffers

Watching your loved ones discover the treasures you've buried in their stockings is one of the best parts of Christmas morning. From melt-in-your-mouth gianduja to cast iron bottle openers, here are some of the stocking stuffers we'll be gifting this year.

Michel Cluizel Baguette du Pain

These adorable foil-wrapped French milk chocolate baguettes, scored on top just like at the bakery, make for stocking stuffers that are as delicious as they are precious. $2.50 apiece, call 646/415-9126 to order

Poschiavo Swiss Pasta

These rustic pastas from the the Valle di Poschiavo in Switzerland are the perfect size for an unexpected stocking stuffer. _Poschiavo Pasta, from $8.95 at Formaggiokitchen.com_

Smart Phone Tripod

Made to fit an iphone, Android, or Windows phone, this flexible tripod can stand upright or grip around a surface, making the perfect gift for the instagram addict or obsessive food photographer. **_Smart Phone Tripod, $29.95 at [](/

Cast Iron Bottle Openers

The beer-lover in your life will appreciate these sturdy cast iron bottle openers in vintage styles. **_Cast Iron Bottle Openers, $16.95 [](,2367.html and Mermaid Bottle Opener, Cast Iron Bottle Openers, $22.95 at

Vegetable Brush

Practical stocking stuffers are sometimes the most appreciated, especially when they are as simple but useful as this bamboo vegetable brush. _Vegetable Brush, $8.00 at Shopterrain.com_

Birch Straws

Add a bit of seasonal whimsy to your cocktail with these birch print straws from Kikkerland. **_Birch Straws, $8.00 at [](/

Savora Kitchen Gadgets

Sleek tools in candy-bright colors look as good on the shelf as they feel in your hand. _Garlic Press, Oil Mister, and Rotary Grater, from $24.00 at Savorastyle.com_

Jar Opener

No more wrist-straining struggles with stubborn jars–this foolproof adjustable opener loosens lids of all sizes with a gentle twist of the handle. Invented in 1932, it remains a must-have tool for any kitchen. _Jar Opener, $9.49 at Restorationhardware.com_

Maple Stick Candles

Beeswax candles cast from fallen branches in upstate New York make a lovely addition to the holiday tabletop. _Maple and Hickory Stick Candles, $30 at Shopterrain.com_

Domori Gianduja

Who wouldn’t want a sack of gianduja briquettes in their stocking? Though the classical hazelnut and chocolate confection from Turin is a sure thing, this version from Domori, made with criolla Ecuadorian Arriba cacao, is especially refined. _Domori Gianduja, $17.95 at chocosphere.com_

Le Creuset Wine Opener

In a compact easy to store size, this clever wine opener removes corks effortlessly with a simple turn of the handle, then–thanks to the activ-ball–ejects the cork from the opener with another go round. No pulling required! _Le Creuset Wine Opener and Foil Cutter Gift Set, $30 at Cookware.lecreuset.com_

Travel Chopsticks

These stainless steel and wood chopsticks collapse into a plastic storage case for easy stashing–great for someone who packs lunch every day. **_Travel Chopsticks, $9.00 at [](/

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