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The Best Olive Oil Dispensers Pour—and Preserve—in Style

Your salads will thank you.

By Juliet Izon

Published on July 6, 2022

An olive oil dispenser may not be one of the first items you buy for your kitchen pantry, but it should be next on the list. We’ll start with the most important reason: if you’re buying fancy olive oil, it would be a crime to allow it to go rancid before you finish the bottle. Investing in a dispenser (sometimes called a cruet) in dark glass or—ideally—stoneware or ceramic protects the liquid from the harmful effects of light and heat. And, aside from preserving your liquid gold, dispensers also allow you to, well, dispense more precisely. That means you’ll never end up with a cup’s worth of oil on your kale salad and that measuring small amounts, like a tablespoon, is easy. Moreover, many of these dispensers, from our value to our splurge picks, are just plain gorgeous. Read on to discover six of the best olive oil dispensers.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Emile Henry Oil Cruet

Best Overall

Material: ceramic | Capacity: 13.5 oz. | Dishwasher-Safe: body yes; spout no


  • Available in 12 colors
  • 10-year warranty
  • Easy-flow, anti-drip spout


  • Cork may need to periodically be replaced

Why we chose it: An elegant design with a precise pour.

Whether you’re summering in Provence or just pretending to, nothing screams “French elegance” like this classic Emile Henry cruet, which comes in a rainbow of shades ranging from Slate to (naturally) Burgundy Red. But aside from matching your decor, this bottle also won our top prize for its design. The extra-long spout is both easy-flow and anti-drip, which means there are never any surprises when pouring from this bottle. And, since it’s made out of a durable ceramic, it’s both scratch-resistant and will protect your oil from heat and light. Our suggestion: grab two in coordinating colors and use one for olive oil and one for vinegar. Your tablescape will thank you.

Best Value

Material: ceramic | Capacity: 24 oz. | Dishwasher-Safe: yes


  • Available in 16 different colors
  • Handle makes for a very easy pour
  • Can be used for other liquids like dish soap


  • Filling the bottle is awkward

Why we chose it: A clever, handled design at an affordable price point.

While we can be rightfully skeptical of celebrity chef and cook-branded merchandise, it’s worth remembering that they are kitchen experts. So, yes, Rachael Ray’s dispensing bottle defied our expectations: it not only has a genius design, but it’s very easy on the wallet as well. Unlike other models, Ray’s bottle boasts a built-in handle and a curved spout, both of which make smooth pouring a breeze. You can also use this bottle “off-label” to fill it with anything from chocolate sauce to dish soap. Plus, in 16 different shades, there is a color to match any kitchen or dining room, even bright green or orange.

Best Splurge: Sin Flora Oil Cruet

Best Splurge

Material: ceramic | Capacity: 18 oz. | Dishwasher-Safe: yes


  • Collar catches any extra drops
  • Can double as a table centerpiece
  • Easy to fill


  • Ceramic may darken over time

Why we chose it: A gorgeous piece that is both a conversation starter and useful tool.

If you’re looking for a gift for that friend who has everything, may we direct you to Sin’s cruet? The ceramic vessel is technically an olive oil dispenser, but we wouldn’t blame you if you display it like a piece of art. The beautifully speckled container is crafted in shades of taupe and cream, but its most striking feature is the undulating collar around the spout. This design element also serves a purpose, however—it catches any errant drops of oil and keeps them from dribbling down the bottle and onto your tablecloth. Other features we love are its elegant conical design and that it’s still dishwasher-safe, even though it appears delicate.

Best Spout-Style: Brightland The Spout

Best Spout-Style

Material: stainless steel | Capacity: n/a | Dishwasher-Safe: yes


  • Interior straw to limit spills
  • Rubber stopper is very secure
  • Beautiful gold color


  • May not fit every bottle of oil

Why we chose it: A simple spout to turn (nearly) any bottle into a dispenser.

Some olive oils come so beautifully packaged it seems a shame to decant them, like California’s Brightland, whose bottles are known for their minimalist-chic branding. So, perhaps it’s no surprise that the company released their own proprietary pour spout, which fits snugly into their bottles (as well as many other standard-size bottlenecks). The Spout is not only notable for its striking gold hue, but also its interior straw (which helps with even pouring and to limit messes) and a rubber stopper that’s extremely secure. Plus, at $9, you can buy a few for all of your favorite bottles of oil.

Best Set

Material: glazed stoneware | Capacity: 18 oz. each | Dishwasher-Safe: no


  • Textured finish is easy to grip
  • Minimalist construction is design-forward
  • Created by famed industrial designer Aaron Probyn


  • Hand-wash only

Why we chose it: A minimalist set that looks beautiful on the table and keeps your oil and vinegar fresh.

While we might have fond memories of those square-bottomed, glass sets of olive oil and vinegar, industrial design has come a long way since then. Case in point? This chic duo from West Elm, fashioned by notable industrial designer Aaron Probyn. The set, with one bottle in white and one in gray, is neutral enough to work with nearly any kitchen style, but still stands on its own as a design piece. We also love the slightly rough exterior that makes them extra grippy, plus pour spouts made out of sleek acacia wood.

Best Spray: Evo Oil Sprayer

Best Spray

Material: stainless steel | Capacity: 16 oz. | Dishwasher-Safe: bottle yes, sprayer no


  • Fan-shaped spray coats a large area evenly and quickly
  • Comes with its own funnel
  • Nozzle can be rotated vertically or horizontally


  • Nozzle may occasionally clog

Why we chose it: The ideal way to dispense just a touch of olive oil.

As any cook knows, there is quite a gap between a sprinkle and a spray. And when you need the latter, trust us—it’s best to invest in a spray bottle, rather than trying to flick droplets of olive oil from your fingers. Our favorite bottle in this category is no ordinary model, but specifically designed for misting a fan-shaped spray of olive oil. Each pull of the trigger dispenses exactly ¼ teaspoon of oil, which is helpful when you’re measuring out small amounts. Other smart features this model boasts are an included twist-on funnel for measuring oil into the bottle, a rotating nozzle, and a curved interior straw that allows you to spray from the bottle both horizontally and vertically.

How We Chose These Products

To choose the best olive oil dispensers, we queried SAVEUR’s EVOO-loving staff, picked the brains of chefs, consulted many “best of” lists, and scoured both stores and the internet for quality pieces. We also interviewed chef Sal Lamboglia of Brooklyn’s Cafe Spaghetti for his expert opinions on serving and storing olive oil. Our six winners represent a range of styles, materials, and price points, but all score highly on quality, durability, ability to keep oil fresh, easy pouring, and, of course, looking stylish on your counter.

Features to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Olive Oil Dispensers


You should look for a capacity that ranges between 12 to 24 fluid ounces. Anything more than that and it will be a bit of a struggle to maneuver the bottle, and anything less means you’re refilling your bottle too frequently. 

Easy To Clean

To avoid always having to hand-wash an oily bottle, opt for one that is dishwasher safe. Most ceramic and stoneware models should be, but note that most spouts will be hand-wash only. If you are hand-washing, Lamboglia advises to use a non-scented soap to avoid any flavor contamination. 

Easy To Use

The best olive oil dispensers have pour spouts with an even flow and a bottle that is easy to grasp; look for ones with a slimmer neck or handle. These qualities allow you to be precise when pouring out specific measurements or drizzling over finished items.

Easy To Fill

An easy-to-fill bottle will have a wide mouth and a straight neck; you can also use a funnel for less mess. Remember to be careful when filling an opaque bottle—it will be harder to tell when you’re near the top.

Ask the Experts

Q: What should I look for in an olive oil dispenser?

A: While Lamboglia doesn’t have a clear favorite dispenser, “something with a nice grip, good nozzle, and not too heavy” are the characteristics he looks for. In short, you want to be able to easily hold it with one hand and trust that your olive oil stream will be neither too fast nor too slow.

Q: Which material is best for an oil dispenser?

A: There are two schools of thought here. If, like Lamboglia, you go through olive oil quickly, a tinted glass bottle is ideal because you can see when you need a refill. But if you’re more of an occasional user, then an opaque bottle made of ceramic or stoneware helps to protect the oil from damaging light and heat.

Q: How long does olive oil last in a dispenser?

After opening the bottle, “olive oil should last about two months, especially when kept in a cool, dry place,” says Lamboglia.

Q: What else can you put in the oil dispenser?

Most of these bottles can be used for vinegars, or smooth sauces like chocolate or salad dressing. When using the dispenser for olive oil, Lamboglia also likes to add aromatics to the bottle, like herbs, spices, or garlic.

Our Take

The best olive oil dispenser is a model that is easy to grip, pours smoothly, and keeps your oil fresher for longer. Our winner is Emile Henry’s Oil Cruet; it not only ticks all of the above boxes, but its classic French design looks beautiful on your table as well.

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