If a chef’s knife is the home cook’s best friend, then a food processor is his or her able assistant—ready to lend a hand whenever prep work proves daunting. These miraculous machines can chop mountains of produce at the flick of a switch, and puree soups, sauces, or smoothies in seconds. Are you a fan of making hummus? That’s reason enough to get a food processor. But which food processor? Among these high-quality models, the choice comes down to size: from a 14-cup powerhouse capable of feeding large households to a 3.5-cup mini model, ideal for singletons.


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Cooking for a big family? This large-format food processor from Cuisinart can handle high volumes, thanks to its 720-watt motor, durable stainless-steel blades, and sizable feeding tube (for placing whole vegetables and fruits). The simple, two-button control panel—with “On,” “Off,” and “Pulse” options—makes this kitchen workhorse straightforward and easy to use.

Hamilton Beach

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If you’re looking for a good-size food processor with more options, this 14-Cup Hamilton Beach model boasts slicing, shredding, pureeing, and mixing functions, in addition to the usual pulsing to chop. And while some food processors leak when blitzing up liquids, this baby’s carefully sealed bowl prevents such messes. On top of all that, the machine couldn’t be easier to assemble: It’s specifically designed to “stack and snap,” meaning there’s no more twisting (seriously, zero twisting!) and confusing guesswork to ensure that everything’s locked into place before use.


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It can be hard to justify pulling out a hulking appliance when you’re only chopping or pureeing something for yourself. Not so, this adorable little number. Lightweight, durable, and available in multiple colors, the KitchenAid Food Chopper has a built-in pour spout, to boot!