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The Best Sugar

From fine powders to crunchy crystals, the best sugars for every use.


By SAVEUR Commerce Team

Updated on May 17, 2021

When it comes to kids and calories, sure, sugar is sugar. But in the kitchen, the type and quality of your sweetener matter. The way sugar is processed affects its texture, color, and even taste; and depending on what you’re making or baking, you likely need to keep more than one kind in the pantry. Here are our picks for the best sugar for every use.

Okay, raw sugar isn’t actually raw. But it is minimally processed, meaning it’s unrefined and unbleached. The remaining molasses gives it the golden color and caramel flavor, and the large crunchy crystals melt beautifully into coffee and add a nice texture when sprinkled on top of a muffin or scone.

The flagship product of Domino Foods, this white granulated sugar has been a household staple for more than 100 years—and for good reason. It’s a highly-refined pure cane sugar that’s good for a wide variety of uses and always tastes fresh.

The sweetest sugar of all is brown sugar, which is actually white granulated sugar with molasses, the syrupy byproduct of the sugar-making process. This dark brown sugar from C&H is soft and smooth. While of course it can be used for baking, it’s wonderful in sauces and meat rubs.

Powdered sugar— also known as confectioners’ sugar, icing sugar, and 10-times sugar—is made by grinding white sugar into a fine powder then combining it with a little cornstarch. The soft texture makes it perfect for mixing into frosting or dusting on baked goods, and this pick from the Whole Foods house brand uses both organic sugar and organic cornstarch.

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