The Tea Lover’s Necessity: 6 Turkish Tea Glasses to Buy

Switch up your morning cup with these graceful glasses

In Turkey, everyone drinks tea. In any weather, even under the blazing sun, Turks drink their traditional black chai (çay), typically along the side of the road from small local snack shops. Usually taken without milk (but often with a sugar cube) the tea is often served in tulip-shaped transparent glasses (which are also meant to represent the curves of a woman’s body) and sipped alongside Turkish street fare, like kebabs. Sometimes elegant, sometimes ornate, but always see-through (the transparency of the glasses allows drinkers to assess the strength of the brew) Turkish tea glasses are a sophisticated step up from your average mug. Here are six great ones.

Gold Twine Turkish Tea Glasses

$38 for a 6-piece set with saucers at

Carnation Delight Turkish Tea Glasses

$45 for a 6-piece set with saucers at
A classic Turkish tea set.

Honey Tinted Turkish Tea Glasses

$37.50 for 6-piece set in Honey Gold Rings with saucers at

Eparé Double-Wall Insulated 6-ounce Turkish Style Tea Cups

$20 for a s set of two at

Etched Traditional Design Tulip Tea Glasses

$7.50 for one glass with saucer at