Throwing a Cinco de Mayo party? SAVEUR magazine shares 17 festive Mexican recipes.

The Blue Margarita at Club No Minors in Houston gets its dazzling color from blue curacao liqueur. See the recipe for The Blue Margarita » André Baranowski
Classic Shaken Margarita
There is perhaps no cocktail better suited to summer than the classic margarita: tequila, lime juice, Cointreau, and simple syrup, shaken and poured over ice. André Baranowski
Prickly Pear Margarita
This legendary margarita comes from bartender Ruben Bernal at Las Carnarias restaurant in San Antonio. André Baranowski
watermelon margarita
Watermelon-infused tequila blended with watermelon and frozen limeade gives this margarita a refreshing, fruity twist. See the recipe for Watermelon Margarita » André Baranowski
Michelada A hot-weather refresher, this beer cocktail from Mexico can range in form from a chunky, tomato-rich version like a bloody mary to a lighter brew spiked with hot sauce and lime. See this Recipe Penny De Los Santos
Sour Cream Nachos
Here is a simple but tasty snack of melted cheese, beans, and tortilla chips. See the recipe for Sour Cream Nachos » Laurie Smith
Salsa-Simmered Tortillas Canned chipotle chiles and chorizo are two of the ingredients that distinguish this central Mexican version of chilaquiles from other regional styles of the dish. See this Recipe Penny De Los Santos
The old processed-cheese standby, Velveeta, is the secret to this knockout dip’s silky smooth texture. See the recipe for Chili-and-Cheese Dip » Andr&eacute Baranowski
Step-by-Step Guacamole This recipe is based on one in Rosa’s New Mexican Table by Roberto Santibanez-it’s the best guacamole we’ve ever had. See this Recipe Luca Trovato
Shredded-Beef Salad with Chipotle Dressing
Shredded-Beef Salad with Chipotle Dressing A true border-food classic, this spicy Mexican salad expertly combines crisp vegetables, warm chiles, and shredded beef. See this Recipe Laurie Smith
Pork with Mole Negro Sauce You should be able to find the ingredients for this Oaxacan dish (from Chicago’s Topolobampo) at most Mexican groceries. See this Recipe André Baranowski
Enchurritos The enchurrito is one of the monumental achievements of Tex-Mex cuisine. See this Recipe Laurie Smith
Stacked Cheese Enchiladas
Stacked Cheese Enchiladas In northern Mexico, enchiladas often are made by layering tortillas with cheese and onions. See this Recipe Laurie Smith
Beef Burritos
Beef Burritos The secret to these delicious burritos is in using the right cut of beef. See this Recipe Laurie Smith
Making Chiles Rellenos Learn to cook this popular border-food favorite with our step-by-step instructions. See this Technique Laurie Smith
Fajitas Though Tex-Mex-style fajitas are unknown in Mexico, grilled skirt steak is eaten with tortillas in Nuevo Leon, under the name arrachera al carbon. See this Recipe Laurie Smith
Puffy Tacos
Puffy Tacos The signature creation of San Antonio’s Tex-Mex cuisine is the puffy taco. See this Recipe Laurie Smith