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Chestnut Spread

Sweet and creamy yet substantial, chestnut cream is a dessert-enhancing delicacy.

By Camille Bromley

Published on April 25, 2013

A crackling pan of fire-roasted chestnuts was one of my favorite fall treats when I lived in France. Now, even as those memories recede and no matter the time of year, a spoonful of Clement Faugier's sweet, nutty creme de marrons spread can transport me back to cold weather seasons abroad when chestnuts—roasted, candied, pureed—were seemingly everywhere. This classic French confection, made with nuts from Ardeche, a region known for its quality chestnuts, is smooth and substantial, with an earthy yet perfumed flavor. Use chestnut cream like you would a jam: mixed into cookies, spread onto tartines, spooned into dessert crepes, or—my favorite—swirled into a bowl of rich fromage blanc or greek yogurt for a light and creamy, subtly sweet finish to a meal.

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