Admit it, food lovers of the world. There’s a part of you that wishes you were Texan. And who would blame you? Texans, virtually all 25 million of them, have a way with food you won’t find anywhere else: slow-smoked brisket so good it makes you sigh; plump Galveston Bay oysters seared on a hot grill; over-the-top steaks cut from prime Texas steer; legendary chili cook-offs; the world’s greatest hot sauce festival; the mesquite-kissed cooking of the state’s southern frontier; and that delicious hybrid phenomenon called Tex-Mex. And we’re just scratching the surface. Texas also has artisan cheeses, burgeoning urban farm markets, brilliant winemakers, chefs who have made local ingredients a national obsession, and, lest we forget, the best margaritas on Earth. Is it possible to capture all the bravura and glory of Texas food in just 24 short articles? Probably not, but it would be awfully un-Texan not to try.

1. The Best Beef on Earth
2. Chuck Wagon Cooking
3. A Real Bowl of Red
4. Chili Powder
5. Tom Perini
6. Cheese Revolution
7. El Paso
8. Gulf Oystermen
9. Redfish on the Half Shell
10. Food Writing with Soul
11. New Zion Barbecue
12. Slow-Smoked Brisket
13. Okra
14. Serious Salsas
15. Boggy Creek Farm
16. Desserts with Attitude
17. Stephan Pyles
18. Drinks that Beat the Heat
19. Crawfish Feasts
20. Home-State Pride
21. Superlative Sides
22. Vaquero Cooking
23. Roughneck Gourmands
24. Mesquite