How to Core a Head of Iceberg Lettuce in 3 Seconds

By SAVEUR Editors

Published on May 29, 2012

Making tons of tacos? A serious quantity of salad? If you want to chop up a lot of iceberg without any fuss, the most efficient way is to remove the core, then hack away. You could take the core out with a paring knife and a bit of patience. Or you can use our technique, which takes less than 3 seconds and is so much fun you might find yourself eating wedge salads for a week.

What you'll need

• A chilled head of iceberg lettuce
• A hard, flat surface

How it works

Holding the head of lettuce in two hands, position it so the core of the lettuce is parallel to the flat surface. Slam it down hard; remove the freed core. Slice and chop however you like.


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