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My new favorite grill goes by an odd name: the schwenker. And its setup is just as peculiar. Derived from the German term for “swivel,” its name alludes to the swinging action of the grate, which dangles over a fire from a massive tripod. There’s a lot to love about this Teutonic grill. The continuous motion ensures that meat doesn’t dry out from resting over intense heat for too long, and the chains are adjustable, offering a degree of control. I lower the chains for quick-cooking burgers and raise them for thick cuts like pork butt. But the best thing about the schwenker is how it fosters communal grilling. The first time I tried mine out—for an inaugural summer barbecue last year—I was free from ceaseless fussing and could enjoy the company of my friends. We gathered around the open fire pit, taking turns nudging the grill as the perfume of smoke and rendered fat filled the air.

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