Mixstrology: Virgo

By Patricia Clark Hippolyte

Published on August 22, 2013

Welcome to Mixstrology, SAVEUR's monthly series where astrologist/bartender Patricia Clark Hippolyte provides a cocktail prescription for each sign of the zodiac. This month: Virgo.

My bodybuilder father has a major amount of Virgo in his chart. Poor guy: According to him, there was never a tool in his workshop that was ever put back in its rightful place by anyone else in the family. We were constantly testing his OCD levels. But, Virgo, if like him, you’re going to purse your lips, at least do it while sipping. This brisk, bright green gin martini—made with fresh celery and lemon juices, Lillet, and celery bitters—goes down perfectly at the end of a health-conscious Virgoan day of egg white omelettes and long hours at the gym. The drink's flavor is so clean and vegetal you can almost taste the minerals, and the season’s freshly picked celery adds fiber for healthy digestion but not calories—a Virgo’s dream.

Celery Martini
Celery Martini

Fresh celery and lemon juices, Lillet, celery bitters, and gin combine for a clean and vegetal cocktail with a bright green hue.

As for the rest of the zodiac, try these sign-appropriate variations:


Aries, I enjoy your direct and no-nonsense ways, so I’m changing this to a simple celery soda for you: vodka, celery juice, lemon, simple syrup, and club soda.


Taurus, Saturn has gone direct since last we spoke, so things should be feeling like they’re moving again, and you feel more like your earthy, big-living self. For you, bourbon with the celery juice, lemon, and a bit of simple syrup for a smooth earthy celery julep.


Gemini, it’s pretty smooth sailing this month for you; any friction you may experience you should just use to sharpen your awareness. Also, when communicating, be sure to be clear and stay focused. Drink something simple and direct, a celery gibson: vodka and celery juice.


Cancer, summer has wrapped up, so it’s back to reality. That’s bittersweet because you plus the beach always equals a huge and positive transformation. Let’s keep that sunny feeling alive a bit longer then, with this island-style riff: gin, celery juice, mint, lime, and simple syrup.


Leo, coming off an amazing birth month, the celery will do your body good. Just lose the Lillet and add muddled cilantro and chile for a spicy kick and a bit of a cleanse to start your new astrological cycle.


Libra, celery and bitters are too astringent for your sensitive palate, so I’ll pretty things up for you and take the edge off: Skip all the celery-based ingredients for a sweeter citrus martini.


Scorpio, Your career could get a push forward when energetic Mars enters your sign at the end of the month. Astrology is about planning, not fate; make thoughtful choices and rush nothing. Swap the celery for fresh honeydew melon juice to give yourself a preview of the sweet taste of success.


Sagittarius, this month brings the potential for love or travel to you. The trick is not to turn into Bacchus. Watch your money and your waistline. Your order? Just a tall celery juice.


Capricorn, your motto is often, “If it’s not work it isn’t fun.” Sounds like someone needs the dose of happy Jupiter in their life, plain and simple. Luckily, that’s just what’s upon you. Toast to it with your standard: gin and dry vermouth, straight up.


Aquarius, you’re too cool and at times difficult to read, but I love that challenge. This drink should be quirky enough to grab your attention: tequila, celery juice, St. Germaine, lime, and simple syrup. Try to be indifferent to that!


Pisces, this month highlights areas in your life that need order, so take this opportunity to clean house and clear out the chaos. Afterwards, kick back and have a gin and tonic, spiked with celery juice and celery bitters.

Patricia Clark Hippolyte is a New York-based astrologer and bartender.

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