Tonic's World of Flavor

Tonic syrups and waters are flavored by a host of aromatic ingredients.

Tonic syrups and waters are flavored by a host of aromatic ingredients. This first appeared in our June/July 2014 issue with Camper English's story Miracle Cure.

limes, tonic, cocktails, drinks
The peel of gin and tonic's traditional garnish lends bright notes to tonic infusions.Ingalls Photography
lemons, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Tonics flavored with lemon juice and peel can balance sweeter gins and added liqueurs.Ingalls Photography
grapefruit, tonic, cocktails, drinks
With its bright, floral, and bitter notes, the peel adds complexity to tonic.Ingalls Photography
lime, tonic, cocktails, drinks, kaffir lime
Kaffir Lime
The leaves of this Southeast Asian plant provide a strong flowery citrus bouquet.Ingalls Photography
allspice, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Historically added to tonics for its digestive benefits, the warm, sweet spice balances bitterness.Todd Coleman
star anise, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Star Anise
This fragrant Chinese spice suffuses a tonic with a liquorice-like scent.Ingalls Photography
citric acid, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Citric Acid
Sold as a powder, this fruit-based acid boosts tonic's tang and acts as a preservative.Ingalls Photography
lemongrass, tonic, cocktails, drinks
LemongrassIngalls Photography
cinchona bark, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Cinchona Bark
Sold as powder or in pieces, this quinineladen bark gives tonic its bitterness.Ingalls Photography
orris root, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Orris Root
The dried root of a type of iris, this powder smells of violets with a taste akin to raspberries.Ingalls Photography
grains of paradise, tonic, cocktails, drinks
Grains of Paradise
A spice used in Bombay Sapphire gin, this can add floral pepperiness to tonic.Ingalls Photography