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2013 Gift Guide: Gifts for the Beer Lover

The vast majority of beer ephemera might be boneheaded and clumsy, but we firmly believe that gifts for the beer lover don't have to be low brow. These awesome gift ideas for beer glasses, bottle openers, and books about beer will change your perception of just how cool beer drinking can be. —Justin Kennedy and Aaron Lloyd Barr, writer and illustrator of's beer column The Brew.

Usuhari Old Fashioned Glass

This glass was engineered with cocktails in mind, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fill it with beer. In fact, we love the feel of sipping hoppy IPAs and bubbly saisons from its ultra-thin edge. Hand-blown in Japan using the same techniques used in making light bulbs. Usuhari Old Fashioned Glass, $40 from Korin

Holemgaard Det Danske Glas Beer Glass

The compactness and simplicity of this Danish-designed beer tulip makes it a perfect vessel for any type of brew, from easy-drinking pilsners to inky imperial stouts. The stumpy stem adds a touch of sophistication. Holemgaard Det Danske Glas Beer Glass, $35 from Fjorn Scandinavian; Also available with expedited shipping from Amazon.

Swedish Beer Cup

Cult brewers Omnipollo teamed with fellow Swedes Simon Klenell and Kristoffer Sundin, two of the country’s most hardworking designers and craftsmen, to create a cheeky bullet-shaped riff on the classic dimpled beer stein. Handmade and produced in small batches, so quantities are extremely limited. About $37 from www.a–b– or

Crest Bottle Opener

My wife turned me on to these beautiful yet functional solid-brass bottle openers from Fort Standard. They look great hanging on the wall or sitting on the kitchen counter, which doubly means they won’t add to the clutter of your utensil drawer. Made in Rhode Island and finished in Brooklyn. Crest Bottle Opener, from $44 at Fort Standard

Sakai Bottle Opener

Yet another example of master Japanese craftsmanship… The centuries-old studio of master forager Nambu Tetsu hand-casts each of these hefty but elegant bottle openers. $25 from Poketo.

Futagami Bottle Openers

You’d be forgiven for mistaking these minimalist beverage implements for high-end jewelry. Each boasts a simple, sleek geometric design in brilliant polished brass. Futagami Bottle Openers, $46-$68 from Myth and Symbol

Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

A total American classic, these cast-iron bottle openers tuck out of sight under the counter or mount straight on the wall. They’re imported from Germany and hand-painted in Georgia. Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener, $10 from Flotsam + Fork

Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans

Bookstore shelves are flooded with texts on beer history, homebrewing, and beer culture, but this is one of the few that can entice hopheads and design freaks alike. The artfully shot photographs of long-forgotten brews and familiar brands offer a glimpse of the last century of beer culture. Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans, $20 from Chronicle Books

Brygg öl Homebrewing Book

This homebrewing book is full of cosmic photographs and illustrations by Karl Grandin, a Swedish designer and graphic artist best known for his work with the Cheap Monday clothing label. Text is in Swedish, but worth the price for the artwork alone. Brygg öl Homebrewing Book, About $25 from Omnipollo

Wild Fermentation Zine

Before his book Wild Fermentation reignited American chefs’ interests in natural fermentation methods, Sandor Katz self-published a pamphlet of the same name, complete with recipes for Ethiopian honey wine and homemade buttermilk. Now, Microcosm Publishing has reprinted the original booklet which shows off Katz’s unique gonzo-design sensibilities and color palette. $7 from Microcosm Publishing_._

Micron Brews: A Beer Zine

LA-based artist Jeff Kubasak compiled this handmade, beer-themed zine from black-and-white drawings made by his friends in honor of beer. The cover is printed on recycled beer cases, which makes each copy unique. Kubasak says a second volume of Micron Brews will be out soon! _ Micron Brews: A Beer Zine,_ $5 printed-to-order from Common Genus, or contact

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