Images From An Italian Christmas

More images from our Italian Christmas Story: Home For The Holidays.

Home For The Holidays author Robertta Corradin (left) with her mother, Lucia Gros Corradin walking through the streets of Oulx, Italy, on their way to market.Penny De Los Santos
Decorations in Oulx, Italy.Penny De Los Santos
Traditional Christmas cakes at the local Pasticceria.Penny De Los Santos
Slicing some salami for antipasto.Penny De Los Santos
Checking the dough.Penny De Los Santos
Lucia Gros Corraadin rolls out a crust.Penny De Los Santos
Filling a Torta.Penny De Los Santos
Decorating the Torta Di Sant'Antonio.Penny De Los Santos
The steam rises as Lucia checks the Brasato Vitello, Braised veal.Penny De Los Santos
portioning the Agnoloti, Veal and Escarole RavioliPenny De Los Santos
Another Christmas Torta.Penny De Los Santos
A Champagne toast with friends.Penny De Los Santos
Robertta serves her guests Vitello Tonnato, Veal with Tuna-Caper Sauce. Served cold as antipasto, it is a Piedmontese tradition.Penny De Los Santos
Soupe Crasse served up warm and cheesy.Penny De Los Santos
Acciughe Con Salsa Verde, Anchovies in an herbaceous green sauce.Penny De Los Santos
Robertta and Lucia sharing a moment after the meal.Penny De Los Santos
Sunrise in Oulux, ItalyPenny De Los Santos