SAVEUR’s Favorite Recipes of 2011

The SAVEUR Editors describe their favorite recipes published in SAVEUR in 2011.

Test Kitchen Director It was back in April that we made the Schmitter, a beloved mega sandwich from McNally's Tavern in Chestnut Hill, Pennsylvania for our Sandwich issue. Essentially a tricked out cheesesteak, the Schmitter is a quick skillet flip of a sandwich piled high with spicy fried salami, roast beef, white American cheese, onions, tomato and swimming in a most special sauce. Serve with a pile of napkins! See the recipe for The Schmitter » [Back to The SAVEUR Editors' Favorite Recipes of 2011 »
Deputy Editor Folks who think tofu is boring should fire up their skillets right now and cook up a batch of black pepper tofu from our December issue. Chiles, garlic, shallots, ginger, and most of all, a sneeze-worthy amount of potent black pepper, turn the mild-mannered soy bean curd into the most exciting, brashest dish on the table. I can't eat enough of it.
See the recipe for Black Pepper Tofu » But the recipe I make the most from our 2011 line-up -- and I make it all the time, whenever someone stops by -- is the Brown Derby cocktail from October's story on American whiskey. You wouldn't think grapefruit juice would pair so well with bourbon, but boy does it ever: the balance of the bright, acidic fruit juice and the sweet, oaky booze (buoyed by a honey simple syrup) is dynamite. It's refreshing, sexy, and dangerously delicious. See the recipe for the Brown Derby » Back to The SAVEUR Editors' Favorite Recipes of 2011 »

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