A Bountiful Shore

A Thanksgiving feast on the Chesapeake Bay celebrates the foods of Virginia's earliest settlers.

Family on the Eastern Shore of Virginia
From left: author Bernard L. Herman, his sister, Fredrika Jacobs, and her daughter, Jessica Roussanov, outside the author's home on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.Beth Rooney
A path to Westerhouse Creek
The path from the author's home to Westerhouse Creek.Beth Rooney
Herb-roasted turkey
Herb-roasted turkey. See the recipe for Herb-Roasted Turkey with Hominy, Oyster, and Sausage Dressing »Beth Rooney
Thanksgiving meal
Thanksgiving dinner at the author's Eastern Shore home. Clockwise from top right: hominy, oyster, and sausage stuffing; cranberry-horseradish relish; roasted oysters; yeast rolls; Brussels sprouts and potatoes, creamed spinach with spiced bread crumbs; sweet potato casserole; pickled figs, gravy; fresh cranberry relish; roasted vegetable terrine; and okra pickles. See the recipe for Roasted Oysters with Green Tomato Pickle and Cranberry-Horseradish Relish »
See the recipe for Creamed Spinach with Spiced Bread Crumbs »
See the recipe for Sweet Potato Casserole »
See the recipe for Fresh Cranberry Relish »
See the recipe for Roasted Vegetable Terrine »
See the recipe for Okra Pickles »
Beth Rooney
Cooking in the kitchen
The author (left) and his brother-in-law, Paul Jacobs, in the kitchen of the author's home.Beth Rooney
Pumpkin cheesecake
Pumpkin cheesecake. See the recipe for Pumpkin Cheesecake »Beth Rooney
rum Bundt cake
The author's grandnephew, Peter Rusanov, samples desserts, including rum Bundt cake. See the recipe for Rum Bundt Cake »Beth Rooney
oyster cages in Westerhouse Creek
The author heads for his oyster cages in Westerhouse Creek.Beth Rooney
Roasted sugar-glazed pears
Roasted sugar-glazed pears. See the recipe for Roasted Sugar-Glazed Pears »Beth Rooney