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While there’s no shortage of Easter treats to tempt a sweet tooth (See our gallery tracing the history behind 8 classic Easter candies), for me, one in particular deserves some extra attention: the chocolate bunny. Loaded with charm and personality, this molded creation stands out from all the colorful eggs and sugar-dusted marshmallows. I’ve narrowed down the endless available options to seven of my favorite chocolatiers. Their creations range from whimsical, almost too-cute-to-eat hand-formed chocolate rabbits to bunny truffles filled with goodies like carrot confit, raspberry ganache, and lemon zest caramel. —Elsa Saatela


Poco Dolce

San Francisco-based Poco Dolce specializes in bittersweet chocolates flirting with the savory side of sweet. Miniature dark chocolate truffles are filled with a thick raspberry ganache, while the larger bunny gets its velvety-smooth texture from California olive oil. Olive Oil-Infused Bunny, $10.00 and 8 Raspberry-Filled Bunnies, $20.00 at »

Moonstruck Chocolate

Searching for a simpler box of truffles that were still a notch above plain Jane chocolates, I immediately fell for Moonstruck’s hand-formed and painted milk chocolate ganache truffles. These eighteen adorable almond-eared bunnies are lusciously creamy and smooth like butter. 18 pc. Milk Chocolate Bunny Truffles, $67.50 at »

L.A. Burdick

L.A. Burdick’s chocolate bunnies couldn’t be cuter, nestled in a box with shredded paper grass and shaped with a masterfully imprecise hand. Each bunny comes delightfully adorned with almond ears and filled with one of three delicious ganaches: hazelnut-orange, coffee-maple or raspberry. 7 pc. box of Easter Chocolate Bunnies, $22.00 at »

Christopher Norman Chocolates

Using Valrhona’s top-quality chocolate, chocolatiers at Christopher Norman mold semi-solid bunnies of marbled dark, milk, and white chocolate into whimsical shapes, like a bunny behind the wheel of a racecar or two joyfully dancing bunnies holding hands. Sitting Bunny, $30; Racer Bunny, $40; Dancing Bunnies, $30 at »

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges Haut-Chocolat has a knack for wedding unexpected flavors with sophisticated design. A colossal 18.4 ounce “Regal Rabbit” combines Valencia orange-infused milk chocolate and crunchy carrot confit, while the flop-eared bunnies are delicately flavored with hickory smoked almonds and grey sea salt. For bunnies of the bite-sized variety, Vosges offers white chocolate rabbit bonbons filled with a strawberry and lemon zest caramel. Crispy Carrot Regal Rabbit, $50.00; Flop-eared Bunny, $12.00; and Wandering Rabbit Caramel Bonbons, $12.50 at »

Li-Lac Chocolates

Hand-crafting chocolates since 1923, Li-Lac Chocolates in New York creates more traditional solid chocolate Easter bunnies, ideal for edible Easter decorations or as gifts. Their popular “village bunny” carries a foil-wrapped egg and comes in milk or dark chocolate; or, for a seriously sweet treat, try the pink raspberry-flavored white chocolate bunny. Village Bunnies, $26-95; 8 oz. Solid Chocolate Bunnies, $16 at »

Jacques Torres

Using all-natural ingredients of superb quality, New York-based chocolatier Jacques Torres creates playful chocolate bunnies for kids of all ages. For a treat to share with the family or an Easter gift that’s sure to delight, nothing could be more appropriate than the larger-than-life dark chocolate bunny hopping along with his backpack. Backpack Bunny, $23; Smiling Bunny, $17 at »

Moonstruck Chocolate

Out of all the darling flop-eared bunnies I came across, Moonstruck’s solid dark chocolate bunnies, with their calico milk and white chocolate coats, were the clear pick of the litter. Solid Dark Chocolate Calico Bunny, $10 at »