The exquisite flavors of the Maghreb—Tunisia’s casse-croute, Morocco’s tagines, Algeria’s intricate sweets—are alive and well in Paris

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Chicken tangine
A cook at Le Timgad, a Moroccan restaurant in Paris, holds a platter of chicken tagine. See the recipe for Tagine Djaj Bzitoun (Chicken Tagine with Apricots, Figs, and Olives) » Landon Nordeman
Mansouria in Paris
Mansouria, chef Fatema Hal’s Moroccan restaurant in Paris.
North African pantry staples
North African pantry staples at a shop near the Barbes-Rochechouart market. Landon Nordeman
Braised lamb shanks
Mrouzia, honey-braised lamb shanks at Mansouria See the recipe for Mrouzia (Honey-Braised Lamb Shanks) » Landon Nordeman
A customer at El Andalousia, an Algerian pastry shop.
A customer at El Andalousia, an Algerian pastry shop. Landon Nordeman
Algerian crepes
Mahjouba, Algerian crepes See the recipe for Mahjouba (Algerian Crepes) » Landon Nordeman
Artwork at Mansouria
Artwork at Mansouria. Landon Nordeman
An employee of El Andalousia
An employee of El Andalousia. Landon Nordeman
Pastries filled with a paste of almonds
Les roses, pastries filled with a paste of almonds, hazelnuts, and walnuts, at El Andalousia. Landon Nordeman
outdoor market
Under the elevated tracks of the Barbes-Rochechouart Metro is an outdoor market that caters to the maghrebin community. Landon Nordeman
A halal butcher at Boucherie du Viel Alger
A halal butcher at Boucherie du Viel Alger. Landon Nordeman
Servers at Le Timgad
Servers at Le Timgad Landon Nordeman
Restaurant La Perle in Paris
Restaurant La Perle, a maghrebin eatery in Paris Landon Nordeman
Chef-owner Fatema Hal
Chef-owner Fatema Hal holds court at her restaurant, Mansouria Landon Nordeman
Lamb meatball and egg tagine
Lamb meatball and egg tagine at Le Timgad See the recipe for Kefta Tagine (Lamb Meatball and Egg Tagine) » Landon Nordeman
Tagines and other dishes
Tagines and other dishes at Souk Maghnia, a shop for maghrebin provisions. Landon Nordeman
Tunisian tuna sandwich
The Tunisian tuna sandwich at Chez Rene et Gabin See the recipe for Casse-Croute Tunisien (Tunisan Tuna Sandwich) » Landon Nordeman