Buttery Pie Dough
This butter-rich, flaky crust is easy to make and works well as the foundation for pies with fruit, custard, or mousse fillings. James Roper

Great pie begins with great crust, and a great crust means something that won’t turn to much in the oven. So: Start with good dough, but before you load your crust with filling, blind-bake it first to make it as crisp and flaky as can be.

What’s blind baking? Simply giving an empty pie crust a head in the oven before the filling gets added. Blind-baking reduces a crust’s moisture and gives it some protection against wet fillings like apple and berry, and there’s no better guarantee for a flaky crust with zero gooey, underbaked dough. See how it’s done in our basics video above, then visit our pie central for everything else you need to bake the perfect pie.