Seed Crackers with Lacto-Fermented Brine

seed crackers
Chia seeds! Lacto-fermented brine! It sounds like hippie food, but these seed crackers are addictive.Heami Lee

The base of these flourless crackers is a mixture of whole and ground seeds. Burns fuses them together by blooming ground flax and chia seeds in the brine from lacto-fermented vegetables to make a natural binding agent. “I do them in a dehydrator at 105 degrees, which keeps them raw and keeps the lactobacillus alive,” Burns says. But you can also set your oven to the lowest setting, or, with a gas oven, leave it off and let the pilot light do the work. If they soften or go stale, these crackers can be re-crisped in a low oven or dehydrator as needed.

What You Will Need