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The Best Gooseneck Kettles Add Form and Function to Your Coffee Routine

From electric to stovetop, these kettles will give you the perfect pour over coffee and more.

By Cathryn Haight

Updated on August 8, 2022

Is there anything more sacred than your morning coffee ritual? And anything worse than beginning your day with a subpar cup? Though the quality and grind of your beans of course matter in the process, much of what makes a perfect pour over coffee comes down to the tools you use. That’s why a good gooseneck kettle is essential for any serious home barista. The eponymous spout offers a much more controlled pour than a typical kettle. This helps you get a precise pour over extraction, since it won’t over-saturate the coffee grounds during your first pass and won’t over-dilute them as you continue with your brew (AKA: it helps the coffee maintain its flavor). 

We tapped Michael Phillips, Director of Coffee Culture at Blue Bottle Coffee, to help us curate our list—relying on his industry know-how to find out what features and criteria are integral in naming a product a best gooseneck kettle. Pour accuracy, temperature control, a moderate capacity, durable construction, and useful extras like ergonomic handles, and sleek design elements were all considered, along with how price played into these elements. Both stovetop gooseneck kettles and electric gooseneck kettles made the cut, so no matter your preferred style, you’re one step closer to achieving pour over perfection.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 1 year | Capacity: 0.9 L 


  • Controlled pour rate
  • Slick aesthetic
  • Single-increment temp control great for myriad uses
  • Maintains temperature up to 60 minutes


  • High price point
  • Smaller capacity

Why we chose it: Our experts and editors can’t resist the Fellow’s perfect marriage of form and function: we love its chic aesthetic, precise temperature capabilities, and buttery-smooth pour. 

There’s so much more to this sleek, matte kettle than meets the eye, though its aesthetic is truly a love letter to modern design. The Fellow features the kettle itself, a removable lid, and an electric base equipped with precise temperature control. A knob on one side allows the user to adjust the heating temperature in single-digit increments, which not only gives you a flawless cup of coffee or tea And once you find a temperature that suits you, simply switch the toggle at the back of the base to hold it for up to 60 minutes—so you can snag another cup without reheating your water (though it does reach boiling in mere minutes). 

Though delicate in design, the Fellow is sturdy, with a weighted handle that promotes a smoother, slower stream ideal for pour overs. This kettle has a somewhat small capacity, perhaps one of the only downsides, but is just fine for apartment dwellers or intermittent coffee drinkers. We also found that the Fellow has a relatively short cord compared to other models. Some feel this is a flaw, but we prefer it—as it makes the kettle look less messy when it’s plugged in on the kitchen counter. And trust us, you’ll want to keep this gem on display 24/7.

Best Value

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 1 year | Capacity: 1 and 1.2 liters


  • Affordable
  • Durable for everyday use
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Suitable for all stovetops


  • Can’t use full capacity
  • Have to monitor to reach desired temperature

Why we chose it: This kettle offers useful features at a fair price, plus it’s built to last.

This model might not be the least expensive on the market, but it has high-quality construction and special features that are a rarity at a lower price point. It’s definitely a relatively affordable find at $40—stovetop models are typically less expensive than electric models—and durable enough to withstand making multiple cups of coffee per day. This kettle has stand-out features like a molded ergonomic handle, a tapered tip (which helps with pour control), and—our favorite—a built-in temperature gauge, something many stovetop-style kettles lack. The gauge also has a zone that’s marked with the ideal temperature to make coffee, so it’s great for pour over beginners who might not know that number off the top of their head. One thing to note is to not fill up this kettle all the way (lest it will boil over)—but its size will still give you enough for a few cups.

Best Electric

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 2 year | Capacity: 1 liter


  • Heats water quickly
  • Single-digit temperature adjustments
  • Comfortable handle
  • Built-in brew timer


  • Somewhat counterintuitive operating instructions

Why we chose it: A built-in timer, precise temperature control, and quick heating mechanism make this kettle everything we could want and more in an electric model. 

Electric kettles are the epitome of convenience. They allow you to get super specific when it comes to your brewing temperature, heat quickly, and can sit on any surface. This electric kettle is top-notch—equal parts sleek and speedy and able to heat a full liter of water in under five minutes. We love its simple look and low-profile electric base equipped with touch buttons, which allows you to easily set your temperature (in single-degree increments) and then will blink red around the base to indicate it’s heating and then turn solid when your desired temperature is reached. Other favorite features include a built-in timer (to ensure your pour over or French press brews for the proper length), discreet volume markings, a rubberized lid that won’t clang around as it boils, and a plastic-free interior—which is paramount when it comes to preserving the flavor of the coffee. This kettle also might have one of the best handles around: the pebbled rubber is heat resistant and offers a sturdy grip for perfect pouring, even while wet.

Best Stovetop

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: Lifetime | Capacity: 1.2 liters


  • Triple-layer base to prevent leaks
  • Built-in thermometer
  • Rust-resistant
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Handle gets hot to touch

Why we chose it: Stovetop kettles are known as the workhorses of your coffee routine—this one fills that reputation flawlessly, with rust-resistant and leak-proof construction elements. 

While electric kettles have lots of bits and bobs that can break over time, stovetop kettles are simple but built to last (and they’re typically more affordable, too). This one stands out from the pack, thanks to its built-in thermometer—making it easy to track the proper brewing temperature—and its extra high-quality construction. It’s crafted from food-grade stainless steel, which combats rust (a common problem for stovetop kettles) more than other kinds of stainless and features a triple-layer base that keeps the kettle leak-free. The handle can get a bit hot in the boiling process (albeit it is still comfortably shaped for easy, accurate pouring), but other than that it was hard to find any drawbacks for this dependable stovetop kettle, making it very deserving of a spot on this best gooseneck kettles list.

Best Quick-Heating: BALMUDA The Kettle

Best Quick-Heating

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 1 year | Capacity: 0.6 liters


  • Boils in under 3 minutes
  • Light indicates when water is boiling
  • Easy to handle
  • Chic design


  • Small capacity
  • High Price
  • Can’t control water temperature

Why we chose it: This kettle has a seamless design and boils water in a flash—perfect for an expedited coffee routine. 

When you need your morning cup quickly, a fast-boiling kettle like this one is a great option. The BALMUDA boils water in around 2-3 minutes, which is lightning-level compared to most others (most kettles take 5+ minutes). Part of why this kettle is so quick-boiling is that it’s on the small side, but if you’re someone who only enjoys a couple of cups per day—versus endless pots—this shouldn't be an issue. We also love its sleek, single-color look. The body of the kettle is crafted from durable stainless steel, but the lid and handle are polypropylene, which doesn’t conduct heat—so the parts of the kettle you handle won’t get hot, yet the design remains visually seamless. (It’s also lightweight and easy on the hands to boot.) The soft indicator light positioned at the end of the handle illuminates as your water heats and turns off when it’s reached boiling, allowing the user to easily keep track of the status of their brew (though you can’t control the exact temperature of the water).

Best for Tea

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 2 years | Capacity: 0.8 liters


  • Convenient pre-set temperatures
  • Can hold temperatures up to an hour
  • Faster heating
  • Well priced


  • Slightly smaller capacity
  • Gets hot to touch
  • Faster flow rate

Why we chose it: This kettle has four different temperature presets that are perfect for tea and a faster flow that won’t leave you waiting for your cup to fill. 

Gooseneck kettles are essential for pour over coffee, but if you’re investing in a piece of kitchen equipment that can run on the pricey side, it doesn’t hurt if your kettle can do double duty. Not only does the Cosori work well for coffee, but it’s also a wonderful option for experienced tea drinkers. The electric kettle has five temperature presets, four of which are designated for tea. Achieve the ideal brew for black, white, green, and oolong tea with a single push (and in 4-5 minutes, too). This kettle’s spout runs faster than others—which while not always ideal for coffee—works well for tea, since it won’t take too much time to fill up your cup. We also love the other thoughtful features of this kettle: Its handle stays grippy and cool to the touch even as the rest of the kettle can get very hot, internal volume markers, a temperature hold function, and a convenient storage compartment that allows the cord to tuck into the base if you choose to store your kettle away when not in use.

Best Controlled Pour: Hario V60 “Fit” Drip Kettle

Best Controlled Pour

Material: Stainless steel | Warranty: 90 days | Capacity: 1.2 liters


  • Large capacity
  • Thoughtfully designed ergonomic handle
  • Supreme pour control
  • Works on all stovetops


  • Lacks temperature control
  • Short warranty

Why we chose it: Between its exceptionally versatile, comfortable handle and sloping vertical spot, this kettle might just have the most controlled pour in the game. 

Japanese brand Hario is a pioneer in the coffee world, credited with manufacturing one of the first high-end gooseneck kettles. Each of their products is carefully designed to help achieve the exact coffee experience you’re looking for. This stovetop-style kettle is no exception—made with nuanced design elements that promote a more controlled pour. Created in consideration of the most comfortable hand placement while pouring, its handle is rounded and steeply sloping, with a horizontal indent at the top for your thumb. The handle can be gripped in multiple ways, yet still remains easy on the hands, and optimizes pour control. The spout is also positioned more vertically than that of others—which allows an easier flow. The only drawback is this kettle might be suited more for pourover pros or those with extra equipment like thermometers, simply because it has no built-in measuring mechanism to track temperature, but the rest of the kettle’s carefully chosen features more than make up for it.

How We Chose These Products

Throughout our research, we considered the merits of both electric and stove top-style gooseneck kettles—comparing each one’s durability, heating capabilities, temperature precision, ease of use, and overall quality for the price. We also took care to notice any bells and whistles each kettle came with (such as Bluetooth capabilities and temperature presets) to ensure they’re actually making a positive difference. We also got some expert intel from Michael Phillips, Director of Coffee Culture at Blue Bottle Coffee, to learn what a true coffee professional values in a gooseneck kettle. We chatted with Phillips about the differences between electric and stovetop models, the proper use for a gooseneck kettle as well as the top features we should keep an eye out for while shopping. And lastly, we took into account how each kettle would look displayed on your stove burner or countertop (because your morning coffee routine deserves an elegant aesthetic).

Features to Keep in Mind When Shopping for Gooseneck Kettles


Consider capacity while you’re shopping. While most gooseneck kettles typically have a 1-liter capacity, they’re available in a range of larger and smaller sizes to suit everyone’s coffee-making habits. If you’re an apartment dweller without much space or enjoy one cup of coffee per day, you might choose a smaller model. If you entertain often or simply have a larger pour over coffee maker, you might opt for a larger capacity kettle. 

Temperature Control

Overall, most electric kettles offer more precise temperature control—simply because they have digitally controlled heating mechanisms. But we also found a number of stovetop models that included thermometers, which makes it easier to attain the ideal brew temperature for a perfect pour over or tea. 

Easy To Clean

After frequent use, a kettle can be prone to calcium build-up and even rust. It’s important to give them a good clean every so often. Note that you might need a cleaning brush to reach into the nooks and crannies of a gooseneck kettle. Kettles that have larger openings at the top might be easier to clean than those with narrower openings. Pro tip: You can slow down scale accumulation by boiling water in a separate electric tea kettle, then transferring it to your gooseneck for measured pouring. 

Heat Output

Most electric models have similar heating properties positioned in the base of the kettle and are also constructed from stainless steel, which is wonderful for conducting and retaining heat. They also proved to be fairly similar in terms of wattage—and with similar power comes similar heating capabilities. Within the stovetop category we found these took a little longer to heat up (and even longer if the model had thicker walls), but still retained heat pretty well afterward. 


Most gooseneck kettles are made from stainless steel, which is durable, does well with conducting heat, and helps to regulate water flow as well as temperature. It also won’t react with water during the brewing process like some other metals do, so you’re guaranteed a high-quality cup of coffee. The downsides to stainless is that it can rust—but a little routine clean and towel dry should keep it at bay—and that it can also burn your hand if you aren't careful. We prefer kettles with rubber, wood, or cork accents (or other materials that stymie heat) on knobs and handles to keep your fingers safe.

Ask the Experts

Q: What should I look for in a gooseneck kettle?

Phillips says that he looks for a gooseneck kettle that restricts water flow. This feature will make the kettle more user-friendly as it won’t saturate your coffee grounds too quickly. Just because it has that gooseneck style does not mean water won’t come out faster than you would like,” he says. “The other big decision is if you want to go electric or not, this all comes down to budget, aesthetics and desired use.” Phillips also encourages consumers to make sure a gooseneck-style kettle is suited to the brew method they best enjoy. “I have seen many folks buy them to use with a french press or other brew method that would ideally have the water introduced to the coffee very quickly, something a pour over kettle is not the best for. In those cases a simple tea kettle would be better suited,” he says.

Q: What is the advantage of a gooseneck kettle?

The advantage of a gooseneck kettle is that it offers the fine-tuned ability to control the water flow and pattern. You’ll need this control to master the pour over—and a tea-style kettle can be really frustrating to try to use to achieve it.

Q: Do I really need a gooseneck kettle to pour over coffee?

Absolutely. According to Phillip, one of the most distinguishing factors of pour over coffee is the ability to control the brewing process. It’s a delicate operation to craft a well-extracted cup—one that requires immense control over how the water and coffee interact. That’s where a gooseneck-style kettle comes into play. “It lets you finely control the flow rate of the water and the pattern and sequence as well,” says Phillip. “All of these things are integral to great brewing that you do not have access to without a gooseneck style kettle.”

Our Take

Try as we might, we couldn’t resist slotting in the Fellow Stagg EKG Gooseneck Kettle at the top of our list. It scored top marks for pour precision, temperature control, water heating time, and—of course—style. We also appreciated the elevated features included: like the barely-there knob and subtly weighted handle. Though it’s a touch pricey, it’s worth the investment for serious coffee drinkers (and anyone who wants a stylish new addition to their kitchen counter). 

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