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The Best Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

From fancy coffee glasses to a hands-free matcha grinder, these gifts are sure to impress the caffeine imbibers in your life.

Megan Zhang

By Megan Zhang

Updated on November 10, 2023

Pick out the right gift for the coffee or tea lover in your life, and they’ll think of you fondly every day while preparing their morning brew or afternoon pick-me-up. But instead of choosing a sampler box of tea bags or coffee beans (that might not suit their tastes, and that probably has an expiration date), go for a useful, stylish gift that will stand the test of time—helping your caffeine-imbibing loved ones brew mug after comforting mug for months. Here are our picks for the best gifts for coffee and tea lovers.

Cuzen Matcha

    Matcha devotees know that not all powders are created equal. And while the fresh-ground stuff is often more flavorful and aromatic, how many matcha lovers have time to grind leaves every single morning? Enter the Cuzen Matcha maker. To whip up any matcha drink, simply add tea leaves (caveat: it’s not recommended to use tea from brands other than Cuzen) and water to the machine, choose a strength option, and watch in awe as the appliance grinds and whisks them into a matcha shot. Your lucky recipients are sure to sing your praises with every matcha latte they get to enjoy in the comfort of home.

    Via Carota Espresso Martini
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      We all know people who can’t fathom starting the day until they’ve had their daily cappuccino or flat white. There’s a good chance those folks appreciate the smooth taste of coffee in their evening drinks, too, and that’s where this ready-to-drink espresso martini comes in. The pre-mixed sip—which of course tastes great, as it’s mixed by the pros at beloved New York City restaurant Via Carota—makes it easier than ever to kick back on the couch with a nightcap. It’s no secret a reservation at Via Carota is hard to snag, but at least their signature cocktails can be knocked back anytime, anywhere. 

      Haden Electric Kettle
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        Now this is a kettle we’d happily display on our countertops. The cheerful sky-blue color is a guaranteed mood-booster, and the vintage-inspired silhouette looks elegant and stylish. It also has a bunch of handy safety features, like boil-dry protection (the kettle won’t turn on if the well is empty), auto shut-off, and a base that stays cool. Whether making a pot of Longjing tea or filling a French press, this kettle is simply a pleasure to use.

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          Know any coffee lovers who always seem to be jetting off somewhere, or planning yet another camping trip? For the frequent travelers in your life, the compact, portable Aeropress is one of the most convenient ways to make a smooth cup of coffee on the go. Using a patented technology that combines the techniques behind multiple brewing methods, the design ensures full-bodied flavor with minimal acidity and no grit. The latest version is also clear, so you can more easily see exactly what’s going on inside the contraption.

          SPONSORED: YETI Rambler® 6 Oz Stackable Mugs
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            We're firm believers that the vessel from which you drink your coffee is just as important as the beans and the brewing method. These new ceramic-lined mugs from YETI have everything going for them: they fit under most espresso machines, making them perfect for everything from cortados to cappuccinos; the double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the drink nice and hot; they’re stackable for easy nesting, whether in the kitchen cabinet or at the campsite; and they’re dishwasher-safe to boot. The coffee drinkers on your list will be sipping from this durable mug for years to come.

            Riedel Coffee Glasses
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              The ritual of making a cup of coffee can be a treat for the eyes as much as for the nose and taste buds. These crystal glasses from Riedel, a brand known for fine glassware, are an elegant way for discerning coffee drinkers to visually appreciate their beverages as they sip—from milk swirling in a cold brew to microfoam mixing into an espresso. The sharp, pretty design also feels a little fancy, adding a touch of luxury to the whole coffee experience.

              Handblown Chemex and Painted Collar
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                For making a fine cup of pour-over coffee, few tools are as widely appreciated as the iconic Chemex. Handmade by artisan glass blowers using non-porous Borosilicate glass, the simple design looks pleasing on the countertop without taking up much space. Every Chemex comes with a wooden collar that acts as a handle, but you can also order extras in different colors, like the handsome blue one pictured, to better match seasonal decor, or the mood of the day.

                Harney Tea Strainer
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                  Those who like brewing loose-leaf tea know the dissatisfaction of taking a sip only to end up swallowing a bunch of leaf debris. A good strainer makes all the difference, and this long-handled, silver-plated option from Harney & Sons is as functional as it is gorgeous. Placed over a teacup, it easily catches any particles as you pour from your teapot. While enjoying the hot drink, simply nest the strainer in the little accompanying bowl that conveniently comes with the tool.

                  Onyx Coffee Advent Calendar
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                    There’s nothing like an advent calendar to make the winter holiday countdown feel extra festive, and this one from Onyx Coffee takes coffee aficionados on a global tour. Its 24 small bags of whole-bean coffee from diverse producers, climates, and processing methods around the world, the calendar will immerse your favorite coffee drinker in the terroirs of El Salvador, Kenya, Panama, and beyond.

                    1Zpresso J Manual Coffee Grinder
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                      Anyone who appreciates the ritual and precision of grinding coffee manually will love unwrapping this design from 1Zpresso. The titanium-coated 48mm conical burrs (this might not mean anything to you, but coffee fanatics will nod approvingly) make this grinder both effective and durable. It takes less than a minute to prepare the beans for a single cup of coffee, and it’s easy to choose from hundreds of grind settings by turning the top of the grinder. Not only will the coffee drinkers on your list appreciate the functionality of this gift, they’ll also be impressed that you clearly know your stuff.

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