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The Best Gifts for Coffee and Tea Lovers

By Ellen Fort

Published on November 7, 2022

A great cup of coffee or a perfectly steeped cup of tea is truly a beautiful thing. For some people, it's an obsession that leads them on a quest for the perfect grind, extraction, pressure, flow rate, and, of course, the equipment to help them achieve caffeinated greatness in every cup. For others, it's simply a casual ritual of self-care that kicks off the day. We've rounded up the gifts across the spectrum, from serious home baristas to the pour-over rookies. Tea fans will find something to love along the way.

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

    For our money, this compact little bambino your best bet for an espresso machine that can produce the barista-quality beverages that coffee lovers crave. Snatch one up for the person in your life—hopefully for someone in your household, if you love coffee too—that is obsessed with perfecting their latte art. Like all Breville products, it’s a beauty on the countertop and a beast of a machine that heats water in three seconds and extracts at a full 19g.

    Caraway Whistling Tea Kettle
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      If the retro aesthetic and selection of fun colors (marigold! mist!) aren’t enough, the fact that Caraway’s kettle is non-toxic inside and out should seal the deal. Tea lovers will cozy up to this cute kettle that whistles when the water inside reaches a boil. Plus, it’s constructed of ceramic-coated stainless, which means it will work on any stovetop that your recipient may possess, from gas to electric to induction.

      Self-Heating Ceramic Mug
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        We’ve been seriously eyeing a self-heating mug for a long time, due to constant coffee forgetfulness, but hadn't yet found the aesthetic that warranted a purchase. This lovely ceramic mug from LA-based design firm OHOM is both good-looking and designed for the coffee drinker in your life who is tired of discovering cold cups of coffee in the microwave at 5 p.m. Its sleek charging pad keeps your beverage at a toasty 130 degrees F while you’re checking emails and automatically shuts off after an hour if you haven’t touched it. The kicker: It doubles as a phone charger when you’re not actively caffeinating.

        Lotta Amber Handle Coffee/Tea Cups
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          As with most cups, the Lotta cup is equally suited for both coffee or tea. It’s clear borosilicate body allows a look at the color of your specialty teas, while its amber handle ensures a burn-free morning sip. Each cup is handblown, and though it looks delicate, the thermal-shock-resistant material makes it stronger than glass.

          HAY Glass Spoons
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            There’s no need to skimp on style: These darling spoons are an upgrade for any avid coffee drinker’s set-up. They come in sets of two in a variety of colors and patterns that make morning coffeemaking way more fun. They’ll be scooping and stirring in style, every morning.

            Japanese Ceramic Milk and Sugar Set
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              These simple porcelain vessels for milk and sugar manage to bring a playful vibe to doctoring coffee or tea. The set is made from crushed stone in the style of Arita-Yaki, a traditional Japanese style of porcelain-making. Heat-resistant and sturdy, these cheerful accessories will be a hit on any countertop.

              Acaia Pearl Scale
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                Your favorite coffee nerd will truly geek out over these sleek, smart scales. The Acacia Pearl is highly precise and designed to make pour-over coffee an absolutely meticulous process if that’s what you’re into. It even displays the flow rate as you pour water over your grounds, helping to achieve perfect extraction ratios every time.

                Hario Cold Brew Bottle
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                  Though it looks more like a wine bottle than a cold brew maker, this bottle is ready and waiting to brew up life-giving cold brew in style. It makes five cups at a time, over the course of eight hours, in a beautiful glass carafe with a silicone stopper. Pair it with a bag of their favorite beans for the gift that keeps on giving iced coffee all year long. 

                  East Fork Pottery Big Mug
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                    Fans of East Fork Pottery’s sturdy mugs will rejoice to learn that they’ve upped the ante with the introduction of The Big Mug. As its name implies, it’s a hefty size that holds up to 16 ounces at the rim (and 14 ounces comfortably), making it the perfect gift for the XL coffee consumers in your life. We love it in classic eggshell, but there are plenty of earthy tones to choose from, including a cheerful brown-red and a dreamy blue.  

                    Mt. Olympus from Erda Teas
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                      Herbal tea fanatics will find a match in the teas from Napa Valley’s Erda Teas, founded by a winegrower who has worked in some of the valley’s best vineyards. Grown in the rich soil of the Coombsville appellation, each herbal tea is hand harvested and slowly dried to retain its delicate flavors. Mt. Olympus is just one of the beautiful flowers grown there, offering notes of sweet sage, salty lemon, celery, and resin, and aiding digestion and the immune system. Peppermint, chamomile, rose hips, and more tea flavors are available as well. 

                      ​​Gemini Espresso Maker
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                        This one’s for the espresso purists who don’t love the fuss of a big machine. Instead, give them the gift of quick and easy stovetop espresso. Just add water and grounds to the bottom of the chamber and set it on the stovetop (gas or electric preferred) to brew. It will churn out two perfect little cups (included with the set, along with saucers) of espresso. The Moma Design Store never disappoints, and neither will this darling coffee maker. 

                        Cometeer Coffee
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                          Did you know that loving to drink coffee doesn’t mean loving to make the coffee? Sometimes it’s best to leave that process up to the professionals. Give the gift of good, almost instant coffee to that person who craves cups without the hassle. Cometeer precisely crafts capsules of coffee at 10x strength that are then flash-frozen and shipped directly to you. Unlike many of the other single pod-style coffee companies, Cometeer's capsules are recyclable in curbside bins, as is the rest of the paper packaging, drastically reducing landfill waste. Roasters like Go Get Em Tiger, Counter Culture, and Equator are all in on the magic, which results in a truly effortless and excellent cup of coffee.

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