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The Best GE Refrigerators Keep Your Food Cold and Your Kitchen Looking Cool

It’s time to give your current fridge the cold shoulder—swap it for one of these sleek, efficient, and thoughtfully designed models from GE.

By Cathryn Haight

Published on August 30, 2022

Picture this: it’s a sun-kissed summer afternoon and you're strolling about your favorite farmers market—taking in the aroma of fresh herbs while plopping plump tomatoes and sweet corn into your tote—only grabbing what you need for that evening’s dinner. As romantic as it sounds, daily market runs aren’t a reality for most of us, so great food often starts with a great refrigerator (given you’re stocking it with fresh ingredients). That’s why our editors set out to find the best GE refrigerators. We homed in on GE because of the brand’s stellar reputation and enduring popularity, sifting through their myriad offerings to scout out our favorites. We also tapped Albert Fouerti, CEO at Appliances Connection, to nail down exactly what criteria a fridge-hunter should take into account while shopping. The winners range from space-saving models ideal for apartment living, to elegant smart fridges with all the bells and whistles. Keep on scrolling to see the best GE refrigerators—you’re sure to find a fit for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Capacity: 27.7 cu. ft.Product Dimensions: 69.88'' H x 35.75'' W x 36.25'' DWarranty: Up to 2 years


  • Door ajar alarm
  • Fingerprint-resistant finish
  • Ice maker produces over 100 cubes in a day
  • WiFi enabled


  • Not too much room for shelf customization inside
  • Walls on door shelves relatively shallow

Why we chose it: Equipped with everything you need (and a few welcome extras) this French-door fridge is sleek and functional, with ample thoughtfully designed storage solutions.

This is a workhorse fridge if we’ve ever seen one—outfitted with just enough “smart” capabilities to make it special, but not inundated with too many unnecessary tech features to be confusing to the user. It’s set up to work with your WiFi, so you’ll get notifications on your phone if you leave the door ajar and the internal temperature drops (which is especially handy if you’re out of range to hear the useful alarm that sounds if the door is open a crack). We also love the advanced water filtration system and the option to add an additional ice maker if you’re regularly shaking up cocktails (though the existing one cranks out over 100 cubes daily, so it might be unnecessary). The types of storage in the interior varies—with a small central section of modular shelves that can be shifted to accommodate liter-bottles and small Tupperware alike, with ample produce storage space and even layers of drawers in the freezer section. Our one critique might be that the walls on the door shelves are on the short side, so keep this in mind when storing things like long, slender ketchup bottles.

Best Value

Capacity: 25.3 cu. ft. | Product Dimensions: 69.88'' H x 35.75'' W x 34.75'' | Warranty: Up to 2 years


  • More fridge space than typical two-doors
  • High-end style
  • Adjustable interior storage 
  • All the classic fridge features


  • Limited freezer storage
  • Some might not enjoy the look of the asymmetrical doors

Why we chose it:  All the features you’d need with a few well-figured design choices, this refrigerator offers substance and style at a more modest price.

Though perhaps not as trendy as their French door counterparts, we think a good side-by-side fridge is a classic look that offers just enough style at a more modest price. And this model is no exception: we love how high-end the modern, slightly rounded handles look as well as the smart asymmetry of the door design, which give just enough real estate to the freezer section and the lion's share to the refrigerator side. Plus, the soft gray of the stainless steel color definitely looks expensive. It has some standard convenience features like an ice maker, door alarm, and built-in water dispenser. And we especially enjoy the adjustability of the interior shelves, which can move up or down about a foot, as well as the deep door shelves that won’t let food fall out if you open the door with gusto ready to start your dinner prep. (Though we wish the freezer side had the same dimension, as their door pockets feel too shallow to hold anything more than a lone ice cream bar.

Best Apartment

Capacity: 11.9 cu. ft. | Product Dimensions: 70'' H x 23.5'' W x 26.5'' D | Warranty: Up to 2 years


  • Counter-depth silhouette is sleek and space saving
  • Tall and slender structure offers more counter space
  • Reversible door can accommodate funky kitchen layouts
  • Plenty of well-thought out interior storage


  • Some may dislike the lack of handles
  • Higher price point 
  • Must install ice maker seperately

Why we chose it: This fridge’s tall and slender silhouette leaves more counter space without sacrificing good storage—plus its elegant minimalist facade feels at home in even the chicest of city dwellings.

Like a city skyscraper, this refrigerator takes advantage of vertical space to offer ample storage in a smaller footprint. We love how it seamlessly fits into any kitchen (even those funky rental or condo layouts) since it sits flush with the counter and takes up minimal square footage—so you get more prep space. It’ll even snuggle right into tight galley kitchens or any kitchen with a non-standard layout, since its doors can open on either side and there are no pesky handles to snag on your clothes or knock dishes out of your hands as you try and squeeze by. Though it’s skinny, it’s not lacking for storage space. This model is fitted with a separate temperature-controlled drawer with three settings, so you can create the perfect environment for meat, cheese, or produce. It also features removable freezer bins and a built-in bottle rack so your favorite wine is always chilled and ready to pop open. The only drawback is that if you’d like an ice maker you have to install it separately, but with the ample freezer space you’ll have a good amount of room for ice trays anyway.

Best Luxury

Capacity: 27.9 cu. ft. | Product Dimensions: 70'' H x 35.625'' W x 36.75'' D | Warranty: Up to 2 years


  • Hands-free smart water filter
  • LED-lit back wall
  • Adjustable temperature drawer
  • Soft-close drawers 


  • Pricey

Why we chose it: Yes, we adore the smart technology features—but it’s all about the soft-close drawers, to be honest.

We think soft-close drawers might just be the epitome of refrigerator elegance, but there are many more luxurious bells and whistles that adorn this high-end, high-class option. For example, the smart water dispenser won’t let your glass overflow even when you step away, a blessing for kitchen multitaskers. We also find the rotating door bins quite useful, which swing outwards for easy access and easy organizing as well as adjustable drawers with temperature control. And of course, it has WiFi capabilities and will send you mobile notifications if something is awry, like an open door or severe temperature rise. Regardless, you’ll likely never have to spend much time looking for your favorite mayo or last night’s leftovers, since the model is backlit from the posterior wall with powerful LED bulbs. Though it’s pricey, you truly can’t go wrong with this stunning option. If we had this beauty in our kitchen, we’d open its French doors with the same joie de vivre as one would open a casement window overlooking Provence—only instead we’d be admiring our latest farmers market haul.

Best Mini

Capacity: 3.1 cu. ft. Product Dimensions: 33.375'' H x 18.75'' W x 20.125'' D Warranty: Up to 2 years


  • Includes freezer
  • Reversible storage
  • Can storage on door
  • Energy-efficient


  • High-priced for the size

Why we chose it: Whether it be for a deck or a dorm room, this powerhouse of a mini fridge packs a surprising amount of features in a small package.

This mini fridge truly feels like a quality full-sized model, just shrunk down, instead of the smaller, boxier mini fridges that don’t offer much in the way of features. We love the built-in storage features that accommodate all manner of bottles and cans, which is ideal if you’re using it for summer gatherings on your deck. Another unique addition: a produce drawer, which—in tandem with two adjustable glass shelves (a high-end touch)—adds a variety of storage options. Our favorite feature here is the built-in freezer, which automatically defrosts to save you some elbow grease and has enough room for at least two pints of ice cream. Its price point is relatively high and could be more than many would hope to spend on a mini fridge, but it’s truly worth the investment given the special features and definitely deserves a spot on our best GE refrigerators list.

Best Wine Fridge

Capacity: 4.8 cubic feet | Product Dimensions: 33.25“H x 23.5” W x 21.25“D | Warranty: Up to 2 years


  • Dual temperature zones
  • Wooden sliding shelves
  • Can be freestanding or built-in
  • Recessed LED lighting


  • Compressor makes slightly loud noise when maintaining temperature

Why we chose it: This refrigerator is basically a penthouse for your wine—it keeps up to 44 of your favorite bottles chilled to perfection (with two different temperature zones) and ready to sip.

Sure, you can chill your wine in a standard refrigerator, but it’s much more ideal to invest in a model dedicated to vino alone to house your bottle collection (if you have the space). What we love most about this sleek, stunning model is its ability to maintain two different temperatures at once in separate zones—each able to be set anywhere from 43 and 62 degrees Fahrenheit—so you can ensure that you’re keeping your reds cool (between 62-68) and whites cold and refreshing (between 49-55). Or set the temperature to accommodate your selection of rosé or orange wine if that’s more your style. The six wooden shelves cradle each bottle perfectly and also slide out for easy access, so you can really see what you have on hand without too much rummaging around. The handy built-in LED lights help with this too (plus all the better for admiring your oenophilic bounty—along with the glass-front door). This fridge can be freestanding or seamlessly assimilate into your existing cabinetry for a built-in look (and trust us, you’ll want to make space in your kitchen layout for this).

Things to Consider Before Buying a GE Refrigerator


By style, we don’t just mean the aesthetics of the thing (though it is important to consider color, finish, and handle shape if you’re trying to match your fridge to existing appliances). You should also take into account door style: a single-door model gives a smoother look in the front, but you should note which way the door opens so as to not swing into any walls. A double-door style might appear more grand, but could involve crouching to reach the lower shelves. French door models feel the easiest to access, but tend to be more expensive overall. And don't forget about the interior, either. Consider if you prefer more shelves or more drawers, and if you’d like these to be modular. Would you make use of designated nooks designed for things like eggs and wine bottles? Or do you prefer a few wide open shelves to stock and stack as you please? 


According to our research, a GE fridge typically stays in tip-top shape for at least 12 years, which is a lengthy lifespan for an appliance that’s always running. They’re constructed with quality and durability in mind, so a GE refrigerator—especially any one of the best GE refrigerators on our list—is an excellent choice for anyone who values reliability over all else in an appliance. And if for some reason you have an issue, GE offers at least a one-year warranty to safeguard your investment. 


Opting for an energy-efficient refrigerator is not only good for the environment, but a good choice for your wallet as well. Luckily, GE offers numerous certified Energy Star refrigerators, which use around 20% less energy than their standard counterparts. Plus, you might be eligible for a utility rebate to save even more. 


This might just be the most important factor to consider while shopping for a refrigerator, because if your fridge can’t fit all of the perishables from your most recent grocery haul then it’s not doing its full job. Think about how often you shop, how big your household is, and how much kitchen space you have to determine the capacity that would work best for you. You might also want to contemplate your ideal fridge-to-freezer ratio: because wouldn’t it be a shame if you had to put back a pint of ice cream?


What qualities should consumers look for in a refrigerator?

“The top qualities consumers should keep in mind include personal style, durability, warranty length, sustainability factors and capacity for their needs,” says Fouerti. “When shopping for a refrigerator, really keep in mind features that you know you will use.”

How long does a GE refrigerator last? 

As mentioned in the “things to consider” section, GE refrigerators seem to last at least 12 years, which is quite long compared to the lifespan of other brands. This might also have something to do with the brand’s above-average customer service and designated repair teams in certain areas. 

What is the difference between GE Profile and GE refrigerators?

The typical GE line of appliances focuses on performing well at an accessible price point, with straightforward features that are inherently quality. The GE Profile line takes the great foundation of the GE line and adds a few extra bells and whistles, such as smart home capabilities and a slightly elevated design.

What pitfalls should consumers avoid when buying a refrigerator? 

“The biggest mistake we see is buyers not realizing the amount of space and clearance they have for the refrigerator doors,” says Fouerti. “When buying a refrigerator that is installed next to a side wall, it is best to get a refrigerator whose door opens away from the wall for example (so you wouldn’t get a French-door style, e.g.).”

How do GE appliances rank? 

GE appliances rank very high in terms of reliability, durability, and value for money—there’s a quality fridge suitable for every budget from this brand. And though there might be other appliance companies that have more of a reputation on the style side of things, GE also produces some elegant premium models under the Cafe and Monogram lines that will satisfy even the most discerning eye. 

What is some expert-vetted refrigerator shopping advice we should know? 

“Matching the appliance designs with your kitchen’s design is also key—shoppers can now customize their refrigerators with the introduction of custom panel appliances,” says Fouerti. “You are able to choose color, handle style and finish and curate the perfect appliance for your kitchen more than ever.” The GE Cafe line is a wonderful choice for those looking to customize, where you can choose your exterior and hardware hues. We wouldn’t mind a slick, black fridge with gold handles for a touch of Art Deco-inspired opulence in our kitchen.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to finding the best GE refrigerators, you can’t really go wrong—with every model boasting impeccable durability, reliability, and a modern aesthetic. Each model on our winning list is equipped with a good amount of useful features, so much of finding the best fridge for you comes down to what’s relevant to your kitchen habits. Although, we think our top choice—the GE French Door—offers a little something for everyone, including elegant style, ample storage, and a real superstar of an ice maker.


To determine the best GE refrigerators, we began by consulting Appliances Connection to glean more insight into the ins and out of choosing a refrigerator. Based on the criteria we came up with taken from their general counsel, we dove deep into researching the myriad models of refrigerators GE offered. And since the brand is already known for its quality and reliability, we focused on selecting an array of options that would be suitable for all kinds of buyers. We also decided to hone in on GE signature and GE Profile refrigerators (the brand also owns other lines that go under non-GE monikers in the luxury and custom market, which can run at much higher-than-average price points) since both are widely available and offer multiple popular styles. Since all have great cooling capabilities, we judged these refrigerators on the following: capacity, functional features, style, and price. Plus, we also took into account the user experience of each product and what kind of consumer each fridge would be best suited for (for example, a French door refrigerator is well-suited for someone who wants/needs their food entirely at eye level).

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