Cool, velvety, and smooth, nothing beats a cold brew for a caffeine kick. A cold-brew specific coffee machine is designed for cold brew, with features designed for minimizing acidity and ensuring grounds are kept out of the liquid. Models range from low-tech to high-end, providing you with plenty of options to make the perfect cup, every time.

Fridge Friendly

Pitcher holds four servings; a long mesh strainer holds the grounds, keeping them out of the liquid as it imbues with flavor. Takeya

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This product uses an infusion method to create cold brew, meaning that set up the evening before is essential. Add grounds to the center infuser; fill the carafe with water, and wait 8 hours before sipping. A longer brew yields stronger coffee; infuser can be left in for up to 36 hours. Once the brew is made, it can be stored in the airtight pitcher for up to two weeks in the fridge.

Cool Brews

Nitrogen cartridges give kick to this cold brew; poured out of a tap. ROYAL BREW EST. 1987

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The “nitro” in nitro cold brew comes from nitrogen cartridges. The nitrogen gas blend gives your cold brew a foamy, beer-like top as well as a smooth blended taste. But to make nitro, you’ve first got to have cold brew on hand. Either DIY or use a cold brew blend from the store, then screw on the top and load in the cartridges. A few shakes later and an hour or so in the fridge, and your nitro is ready — minus the long coffee shop line and pricy beverage tab.

Slow Brew; Cold Coffee

A perforated top evenly steeps grounds; providing for a smooth and even brewing experience. Brews can be made iced or hot, or can be used for teas. OXO

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This design-conscious model looks good on countertops, and provides an even brewing process for hot or cold coffee. The “Rainmaker” top — a perforated filter — is designed to evenly distribute water on grounds for a rich, even concentrate. Once steeped for 12 to 24 hours, the concentrate can be mixed with ice and cold water for a cold brew, or with hot water for a hot coffee. The model can also be used for ice teas as well.