A Uruguayan Feast

New York City chef Ignacio “Nacho” Mattos shares his menu for a blowout Uruguayan feast, inspired by his trip home in Gabe Ulla’s story An Eating Adventure in Uruguay.

Uruguayan Steak Sandwich (Chivito)

This is chef Ignacio Mattos’ version of a hearty cheesesteak sandwich that is served in restaurants and cafés throughout Uruguay.

Sea Bass Crudo

Lime juice adds zing to this simple crudo. Assemble it right before serving so the juice doesn’t cook the fish. Get the recipe for Sea Bass Crudo »

Crab Toast

Spreading mayonnaise on both sides of the bread before grilling yields a perfectly golden brown crust. Get the recipe for Crab Toast »

Sweetbreads with Chimichurri Criollo

The key to these sweetbreads is an aggressive char—you want the outside to get super crispy. See the recipe for Sweetbreads with Chimichurri Criollo »

Ignacio Mattos’ Potato Salad

Boiling potatoes whole and unpeeled means they don’t absorb too much water as they cook. Mixing them with an egg yolk and olive oil yields a rich dressing without the heavy creaminess of mayonnaise. Get the recipe for Smashed Potato Salad »

Tomato Salad with Green Beans and Basil

Tomato Salad with Green Beans and Basil

Peach and Plum Salad

In this salad red wine vinegar balances the sweetness of ripe fruit, while cilantro and basil add a floral note. Get the recipe for Peach and Plum Salad »

Whole Grilled Sea Bass

Fish stuffed with loads of herbs and rubbed with a simple garlic butter are grilled whole, which leaves them with a smoky, charred flavor and tender meat.

Grilled Beef Ribs with Charred Vegetables

Grilled Beef Ribs with Charred Vegetables