Chocolate. Roses. Candlelight and Champagne. Valentine’s Day gifts can be notoriously cliche—and notoriously tricky to shop for, but each one of these classic Valentine’s treats goes one level deeper and offers a singular, genius twist on Saint Valentine’s greatest hits—all to help you celebrate the perfect Valentine’s dinner at home.



For something more original than roses but just as romantic, try orchids for Valentine’s this year. The Bouqs, an online flower delivery service, offers several varieties, like these Cymbidium Orchids, shipped directly from their own flower farm on the California Coast. Cymbidium Orchid Spray, $60 for 2 dozen at

Deborah Ehrlich Straight Champagne Glasses

Hudson Valley-based glassware designer Deborah Elrlich is a favorite among design nuts and trailblazing restaurants like Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Her straight Champagne glasses offer a sleek, modernist twist to Valentine Day’s most famous sipper: the Champagne flute. Deborah Ehrlich Straight Champagne Glasses, $110 for two at

Marie-Nöelle LeDru, “Cuvée du Goulté” Blanc de Noirs (2010)

Champagne may be common on February 14, but If you’re looking for something especially singular that will still surprise, small producer Marie-Nolle LeDru offers a Champagne that’s celebrated by some of the world’s greatest sommeliers and everyone lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle (it’s hard to find). Luckily for you, we found a batch at New York’s Astor Wines, that’s available online. The best part? It retails for under $100. Marie-Nöelle LeDru, “Cuvée du Goulté” Blanc de Noirs (2010), $84.99 at

Gemini Candleholder

Originally designed by architect Peter Karpf in 1965, this candleholder may have the most romantic creation story of any candleholder in history: according to Karpf, the two holders, fashioned from a single piece of stainless steel, are separated by the smallest mathematical distance from each other that’s functionally possible. Gemini Candleholder by Peter Karpf, $98 at

Beeswax Candles

Candles are one romantic meal cliche that’s worth committing too, but so many are so strongly scented they can ruin the sensory experience of the food itself. Not so with natural beeswax candles, their scent is light and natural, and they last longer, too, so you don’t have to worry about the flame puttering out mid-meal. Handmade Beeswax Taper Candles, starting at $8 per pair at

Forevermark Diamonds

Every great meal needs a memento to remember the night for years to come, and when the dinner’s over, these timeless diamond studs can make a night-in turn into grand occasion. From Forevermark

Danish Deep Blue Fluted Dinnerware

Romantic food demands rich, tactile dinnerware, like these glazed matte porcelain dishes from Royal Copenhagen. They’re subtle fluting offers just the right amount of flourish without going overboard. Danish Blue Fluted Porcelain Dinnerwear, from $45 at