Video: How to Make Green Chile Grits

The key to chef Harold Marmulstein’s grits? Cook them low and slow, then add some green

While grits have recently seen a resurgence as our country's appreciation and knowledge of southern food spreads, we still think they deserve some extra attention, especially in their ease and adaptability. To help spread the word about what is perhaps the south's most beloved grain, we had chef Harold Marmulstein of Salty Sow stop by the SAVEUR test kitchen and give us a crash course in fluffy, flavorful grits.

The grits that he uses are stone ground white corn grits, which he insists on soaking in cold water for at least 24 hours to help soften their texture. Once he’s drained the soaked grits, he adds them to a pot with water and whole milk, where they simmer for 2 or 3 hours, with frequent stirring. He then purées green chiles and cilantro in a blender, which turns into a rich, bright green, insanely flavorful condiment. He adds this to the grits— which you can simply do according to your own tastes—and finishes it all off with some butter. Leftover purée is an excellent condiment for other grains, eggs, or even tacos.

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