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50 Essential Dip and Dipping Sauce Recipes

Spicy, sweet, hot, cold, and creamy: we've got dips for every occasion

When it comes to finger food, it’s hard to beat a good dip or dipping sauce. The beauty of dip recipes is that you can put out a selection and please everyone. Any of these dips will turn you into the star of the party. For something rich and creamy, nothing beats a simple mayo dip. Add in garlic and olive oil for zesty aioli. Or mix mayo with cream cheese, sour cream, and onions to make a classic French onion dip sure to please a crowd.

Not a fan of mayo? Try making dip recipes with yogurt. Mix it with cucumber, mint, and dill for a knockout tzatziki. Or use pineapple, curry leaves, chiles de arbol, and coconut to make a flavor-packed Indian raita. Looking for vegan options? Our roasted carrot and white bean dip is vibrant, sweet, and earthy—perfect for pita chips or raw vegetables. Or whip up a smoky, not-too-spicy salsa roja and bring out the tortilla chips. Bright, briny seafood is a great dip ingredient.

Our ultimate crab dip is all you will ever need. Build your dip into nachos, the perfect vehicle for your cheesy, gooey dips. For even more inspiration, check out our best nacho and salsa recipes. We've rounded up our favorite dip recipes here: