10 Simple Side Dishes

Quick and easy dishes to complete your weekday meals.

See the Recipe James Baigrie

Green Bean Casserole

This recipe is an adaptation of the one developed in the 1950s by the Campbell’s Soup Company. Get the recipe for Green Bean Casserole »
See the Recipe Larry Nighswander
See the Recipe Landon Nordeman

Maple-Glazed Carrots

Braising carrots slowly in butter, rather than steaming or boiling them, brings out their natural sweetness. Maple syrup adds a delicate glaze and a rich flavor.
When preparing these potatoes, use a ricer to create a luxuriously smooth texture. See the recipe for Mashed Potatoes »

Sautéed Chinese Broccoli

At the Houston restaurant Reef, Chinese broccoli, brightened with ginger and chiles, is served alongside redfish on the half shell. See the recipe for Sautéed Chinese Broccoli