Refreshing Beer Cocktails

From a fruity concoction of lager, lemonade, and pomegranate syrup to a drink that pairs stout with nutmeg and sherry, these beer cocktails make refreshing, low-alcohol cocktails for any season.

Last Pontoon

This drink takes cues from mole’s combination of smoky, sweet flavors, incorporating mezcal, sherry, dark rum, and cognac.

Michelada Bloody Mary

Chef Rick Bayless suggested this recipe for a bloody mary made with beer, citrus, and tequila.

The Pledge

In this easy-drinking beer cocktail, the concentrated raisin flavor of the sherry, the honeyed quality of the Benedictine liqueur, and the oatmeal stout add up to something like “breakfast in a glass.” A sprinkling of sweet, spicy nutmeg seems completely appropriate in this context.

The Mr. Adams

This richly-hued beer-based cocktail, built on Sam Adams’s yeasty, fruity, fizzy Infinium brew, has a slow burn thanks to a rich black pepper syrup.

Chavela (Mexican Beer with Tomato Juice)

A classic version of a Mexican cerveza preparada (prepared beer), the chavela couldn’t be simpler: tomato juice, hot sauce, beer, lemon, and ice, with a salted rim.

Classic Michelada

Mexican lager is refreshing on a hot beach day. Mixed with ingredients usually associated with the bloody mary, it’s even more restorative.

Michelada con Camarones (Spicy Beer Cocktail with Shrimp)

This spicy cantina favorite makes an excellent appetizer and thirst-quencher on a hot summer night. Get the recipe for Michelada con Camarones (Spicy Beer Cocktail with Shrimp) »

The Snakebite

The Snakebite—equal parts hard cider and stout—works best with a crisp, dry cider. Get the recipe for The Snakebite

Tex-Mex Michelada

Lime juice, Worcestershire, and hot sauce add kick to this spicy lager refresher.

French Monaco

This fruity beer-based cocktail is an ideal outdoor sipper—mix the pomegranate lemonade ahead of time and bring a six-pack to top each glass individually.

Colombiana Pitcher Cocktail (Refajo)

Crisp and bittersweet, this Colombian lager-based cocktail is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon around the grill. Get the recipe for Colombiana Pitcher Cocktail (Refajo) »

Red Nose Punch

Red Nose Punch

Cherry Shandy

Cherry Shandy