Beechwood Honey Dipper

By Lauren Stefaniak

Published on May 22, 2012

I never thought my dependable wooden honey stick would leave my arsenal of breakfast tools until I found myself adding honey to a cocktail, and my once toast-drizzling tool turned into an organic stirrer and muddler in one. Since these sticks come with such a small price tag, I've now stocked up on a handful more to use for entertaining. Honey pot in center, the slender drizzling sticks and their holder become the centerpiece for the perfect evening — thanks to the perfect cocktail: Drop one honey-laden stick into a glass of whiskey, add a generous squeeze of lemon, muddle in a bit of mint if you like, and let the sticky sweetness blend into your drink. And don't be shy about going back for more — the communal pot will only add to the experience.

Scanwood Beechwood Wooden Honey Dipper, $4.49 at

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