Cocktail Carbonator

By Cory Baldwin

Published on June 15, 2012

There's more than one way to add a little sparkle to a cocktail. Some drinks work perfectly with a splash of soda on top: smashes, swizzles, and other summer coolers. But what if you want to add some fizz without watering down or sweetening your drink? Enter the Perlini Cocktail Carbonator kit. Packaged in a slick metal briefcase, it includes a double-chambered shaker, 12 CO2 cartridges, and a pressurizer attachment. Designed as a tool for the professional bartender, the Perlini adds one extra step to the normal process of making a cocktail: Pour the drink in the bottom of the shaker over ice, seal it shut, add CO2 to the shaker through a valve in the top chamber, and shake it up. You can carbonate anything from orange juice to a gin martini, but we're partial to classic cocktails like the negroni, the old fashioned, or the sazerac—they become new drinks entirely when you add a few bubbles.

Perlini Cocktail Carbonating System, $199.00 at

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