French Canning Jars

By Allison Poindexter

Published on November 10, 2011

A canning jar is one of those versatile products that have lives in the kitchen well beyond their intended purpose. In recent years, I've been to many a restaurant that has substituted them for glassware or has them performing the function of a vase or flower pot. At my home, I use canning jars to hold anything from bulk spices, to pens and pencils, to cooking equipment like wooden spoons and spatulas. These classic French spring-closure jars are my favorite; they're perfect for a multitude of purposes: their wide mouths provides enough room to hold whatever odds and ends need holding, their flat tops makes them easily stackable, and — if you're actually canning with them — the terracotta-hued rubber gasket ensures a foolproof airtight seal.

Canning Jars, $11.00 at

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