Spherical Ice Tray Set

By Cory Baldwin

Published on August 23, 2011

Not too long ago, dedicated bartenders began carving giant, spherical "ice balls" to combat the problem of whiskey on the rocks watering down too fast (the less surface area, the slower the ice melts — and the longer your drink stays delicious). But not everyone is ready to face a giant block of ice armed with nothing more than a razor-sharp knife and good spatial geometry skills, or drop a few hundred bucks on a professional-grade industrial ice ball mold. For the rest of us, this starter set is perfect: fill the tray with the two halves put together, freeze, and remove the balls of ice by lifting the top half of the mold. (If you're looking for perfectly clear ice cubes, we're partial to the cooler method developed by Camper English of Alcademics — it'll make your very cool ice cubes look even cooler.)

Spherical Ice Tray Set, $16 at

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