Potato Ricer

By Nidhi Chaudhry

Published on November 13, 2012

Even though they're called mashed potatoes, the best way to make them is with a ricer, which processes cooked potatoes more gently than a masher, ensuring that less starch is released (too much starch can give the potatoes a gluey texture). And nothing does the job faster, better, and more easily than the Swiss-designed Kuhn Rikon Potato Ricer. It can transform whole large Yukons into squiggles of perfect velvety puree, and it comes with two interchangeable discs—one for fine, the other for coarser puree—that stash in a clever built-in compartment. But what truly sets it apart is its smooth curved handles that go easy on the hands and don't require much muscle power.

Kuhn Rikon Potato Ricer, $19.99, at

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