Lodge Sportsman’s Grill

by0| PUBLISHED Mar 18, 2019 10:30 PM
Lodge Sportsman’s Grill

Sure, the kettle hibachis we're used to seeing pack a relative punch, but Lodge's Sportsman's Grill enters the cast-iron zone, where only hot, hot heat is welcome.

It may be twice as heavy as other portable grills and may take a good 15 minutes to circulate its heat, but we think you'll agree that a perfectly cooked porterhouse is worth the extra effort.

If you're inclined to bring more of your cooking outdoors, this grill can manage most stove-top duties, easily fixing up everything from a morning ** omelette** to an after-dinner ** rice pudding**.

Best used with hardwood lump charcoal, which provides the type of heat on which cast iron thrives.