Why is some wild rice beautiful and firm when cooked, while some turns into a mushy mess? The secret is to buy the highest grade of genuine (and genuinely wild) long-grain wild rice, and to cook it gently.

Perfect Wild Rice Perfect Wild Rice
For the most flavorful rice, purchase the best quality—rice harvested by hand and parched over wood fires.
Yield: serves 6


  • 1 12 cups long-grain wild rice
  • 4 cups <a href="">chicken/ stock</a>


  1. Rinse rice, soak in a medium bowl (about 3 cups) of cold water for 1 hour, then drain.
  2. Bring stock to a boil in a medium saucepan. Add rice, cover, and allow to return to a boil. Lower heat and simmer until tender but firm, about 45 minutes or longer.
  3. Drain off any excess stock, then fluff with a fork, and serve immediately—or keep warm in a double boiler with a towel under the lid to absorb excess moisture.