Udon with Dashi

  • Serves

    serves 4

Dashi, a stock made from dried fish and seaweed, is the classic base for udon soup.


  • 8 medium Japanese-style dried anchovies,(iriko)
  • 2 (2" × 15") pieces of kombu (dried seaweed used for soups)
  • 12 cup katsuobushi (dried bonito flakes), lightly packed
  • Sea salt
  • Cold Udon
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Scallions, finely sliced


Step 1

Cut off and discard the heads from the anchovies. Drop fish into a small pot.

Step 2

Next, wipe off the kombu with a damp towel and cut each piece into quarters. Put the kombu into the same pot as the iriko and pour in 6 cups cold water. Place pot over high heat. Just before the water comes to a boil, fish out the iriko and kombu using tongs.

Step 3

Sprinkle katsuobushi into pot. Cover pot, remove from heat, and let bonito steep for 4 minutes. Strain liquid and season with sea salt to taste. You will have about 5 cups. To serve, pour hot dashi over bowls of cooked noodles and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds and finely sliced scallions.

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