STEP 1 Steadying the turkey with a carving fork, remove the leg at its joint with a sharp knife. On a plate set out for cutting (not the serving platter) separate the drumstick from the thigh. James Oseland

There are two schools of thought about carving a turkey. Some people opt for doing it tableside, which demands a particular flourish, but we prefer to break the turkey down into its constituent parts in the kitchen, making it easier to slice.

1. Separate the whole leg from the body by slicing along the seam of the breast and thigh until you reach the joint.

2. Gripping the whole leg firmly with your hand, pull it back until the thigh bone pops away from the joint; cut through at the joint to release the thigh and leg.

3. Separate the drumstick from the thigh: use your fingers to find the joint between the thigh and the leg and cut through the joint with the knife. Carve the thigh by slicing parallel to the bone. Carve the drumstick by holding it upright and slicing perpendicular to the bone.

4. Separate a breast half: Use your fingers to locate the central breastbone. Slice along the breastbone toward the neck cavity until the blade of the knife comes alongside the wishbone. Cut down along the wishbone to separate the breast from the wing joint.

5. Grip the breast and gently pull it toward the tail of the turkey to separate the breast from the carcass.

6. Lay the breast half on the cutting board and slice it crosswise at an angle. Repeat above steps with remaining leg and breast half. Arrange sliced white and dark meat on a platter, placing the smaller, unevenly shaped pieces underneath the larger slices.