Grilling with Gas

Though charcoal smoke enhances flavor, there are reasons why many people prefer gas grills to charcoal-burning ones: they're quicker to start, easier to control, and a cinch to clean. Here are a few ways to get the most out of your gas grill:

  • First, even if the grill's thermometer says it's reached your desired temperature, close the lid and let it stay at that temperature for half an hour before cooking. This will ensure that the grill grate is completely heated so your food will sear properly once it hits the surface.

  • To set up a gas grill with multiple burners for direct and indirect grilling, set half of the burners to high and the others to medium-low; use the burners on high for direct and the others for indirect grilling. If your grill only has one burner, set it to high for direct grilling, and cook foods requiring lower and slower cooking off to the side, away from the flames.

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