Making An Ethiopian Staple

Bizunesh Sedore, an Ethiopian cook, makes the Ethiopian sourdough flatbread called injera according to the traditional manner.

1. First, she pours a fermented batter of tef flour, sourdough starter, and water into a small pitcher.

2. Next, she pours the batter onto a circular, wood-fired clay griddle in thin, spiraling circles, starting from the griddle's edge and working her way toward the center, until the surface is evenly covered.

3. Once bubbles have appeared on the surface of the injera, she covers the griddle with a woven-straw lid, allowing the bread to steam for a few minutes.

4. Once the injera is firm to the touch and the edges have begun to curl, she slips a large woven-straw mat underneath it to remove the bread and transfer it to a wicker basket before repeating the process.

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