Once he's made the dough and allowed it to chill for 1 hour, he prepares his work surface by sprinkling a small amount of flour over it. He passes each piece of dough through the rollers of a pasta machine three or four times until it is quite thin, about 1/16″, taking care that it doesn't tear, until it eventually takes on the appearance of satin. He knows he's achieved the correct thickness when the sheet of dough is translucent; if the pasta is too thick, the dumplings will be chewy. Back to the recipe for Maultaschensuppe ».

The ravioli-like dumplings, or Maultaschen, called for in the recipe for Maultaschensuppe aren’t as difficult to make as you might imagine. Chef Oliver Steffensky of the restaurant Dorfstuben at Hotel Bareiss, in Germany’s Black Forest, showed us his straightforward technique for making 24 Maultaschen at a time, enough to garnish 8 bowls of soup.

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