Preparing Pigs’ Feet

Americans eat about 16 billion pounds of pork annually. But while we happily bring home the bacon—and the hams, chops, loins, and spareribs—pork "parts" like pigs' feet and caul fat are underappreciated and misunderstood. Making stuffed pigs' feet is a good way to get acquainted with both.

1. You may have to order pigs' feet in advance. Ask your butcher to cut them in half lengthwise. Then reassemble the halves, wrap them tightly in cheesecloth, and tie with kitchen string to keep the meat intact..

2. After the meat is cooked and cooled, unwrap, discard the kitchen string and cheesecloth, and, with your fingers, remove the bones from the upper part of foot. Fill with the stuffing and then reassemble the foot.

3.Wrap caul fat, a lacy, netlike membrane of the stomach lining often used in homemade sausages, around the reassembled stuffed pig's foot to hold it together and produce a golden, crispy crust when roasted.

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