How to Ribbon Asparagus Without a Mandoline

by0| PUBLISHED Apr 11, 2014 10:00 PM
How to Ribbon Asparagus Without a Mandoline

At the market, we're drawn to pencil-slim asparagus for roasting and sauteeing, but don't overlook their thicker cousins: shaved into paper-thin ribbons, they're great marinated in a vinaigrette for a raw salad, or tossed with a long pasta, like fettuccine. The key to these perfectly thin, perfectly even slices isn't a fancy mandoline—it's an everyday tool you already have in your kitchen drawer.

What You'll Need

• A vegetable peeler
• Thick asparagus


How it Works

Using a sharp knife, cut the woody ends off the asparagus, just about where the green starts to fade. Holding each spear by its cut end, use a vegetable peeler to shave strips off the asparagus, slicing away from your body. If the asparagus tips fall off, don't worry about it.